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Hidden Object Crosswords app review: a cross-genre bonanza



If you enjoy crossword puzzles and also like the genre of hidden object games on iPhone and iPad then you’re going to absolutely love the way that Hidden Object Crosswords marries the two styles into a single brain-teasing bonanza!

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I really like to see innovation and traces of originality in iOS apps, especially in the Games category of the App Store where all I seem to see are running games and Age of Empires clones; kudos to the developer for this one! It's the best crossword and hidden object combination that I have experienced. 

Hidden Object Crosswords


Hidden Object Clues

Making an awesome addition to the Games category of the App Store is this very fun crossover that combines elements from hidden object games with crossword puzzles to provide you with something just a little bit special.

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The idea behind this hidden object, crossword app is that you are presented with a scene in cool Retina graphics, and you have to find the hidden objects in the image before using them as hints for the integrated crossword puzzle.

Hidden Object Clues image

Play Through 50+ Levels

There are more than 50 different levels to work through in Hidden Object Crosswords, with each one varying in difficulty and complexity, and you’ll also enjoy a wide range of categories of subjects from one stage to the next.

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What’s more, if you get stuck then you can obtain Hints by finding fireflies within the levels, or alternatively you can purchase them from within the app if you really are struggling to make progress.

Play Through 50+ Levels image

Hidden Object Crosswords


Pros & Cons


  • Enjoy a unique approach to crosswords integrating hidden object puzzles
  • Look over high-quality images to find hidden objects in the scene which act as clues
  • Contains more than 50 levels with varying levels of difficulty
  • Gain Hints by finding fireflies or by purchasing them from within the app
  • Includes a relaxing musical backdrop and covers a variety of categories and subjects


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

Hidden Object Crosswords is a rather novel iPhone and iPad app that is sure to provide hours of entertainment.

Hidden Object Crosswords

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