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Select Registry app review: find the perfect bed and breakfast



Staying in a bed and breakfast gives you a totally different kind of vacation than what you'd find at a large hotel or resort property, but finding one to stay at may be challenging. The Select Registry app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone acts as a one-stop-shop providing you with insider information on the various properties. You can perform a search based on a variety of filters and ensure you're getting the property that best suits your style and needs. 

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Select Registry


A Guidebook to Bed and Breakfasts and Inns

If you've decided you want to stay somewhere that is quaint and full of character then there's a good chance a bed and breakfast or inn is exactly what you're after. The Select Registry app can help you by locating properties nearby or in a specific location and then providing you with helpful details pertaining to the property. The app is user-friendly so that your search process is quick and easy. If you've ever used the Select Registry website you'll find the mobile app offers much of the same experience. You'll have instant access to updated information that sheds light on all your possible options.

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The app was updated earlier this year with a number of small bug fixes to give users a more stable experience. It scores a perfect five star rating from users who are making use of this app on a regular basis it seems.

A Guidebook to Bed and Breakfasts and Inns image

Find What You Want

The Select Registry app is all about finding exactly what you want. It doesn't matter what kind stay you're looking for; you can find properties that match your needs. You're able to find properties that are near you and then make reservations right away. If you'd rather, you can filter your search by city, inn name, state, price, location type, and amenities. When you find properties that interest you there is the ability to read more information about them including any specials or promotions they currently have. There is an events calendar and you can even plan events through the app.

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When you launch the app it’s able to use your exact location to provide you with nearby options, which helps when you’re traveling and aren’t always sure of what’s around you. The user interface feels a bit basic and underwhelming, I do wish this had a more exciting feel to it. Despite how it looks, it is easy to use.

Find What You Want image

Select Registry


Pros and Cons


  • Find nearby inns and bed and breakfasts
  • Search by certain requirements
  • Filter your search results
  • Read about the properties
  • View current promotions and deals
  • The app can provide a list of nearby properties using your GPS location


  • The user interface is under-whelming

Final Thoughts

The Select Registry app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone can help you plan your next getaway thanks to the volume of properties you can find within it. It's not like other traditional hotel apps, this is ideal for those of you looking to stay at bed and breakfast lodgings.

Select Registry

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