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Boinkss app review: play with sound



Making perhaps the most novel contribution to the Music category of the App Store this month is Boinkss, a very interesting iPhone and iPad app that combines abstract visual art with music to create a symphony of sonic strangeness!

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This really is the kind of app where the best advice I can give you guys is to just download it and see (or hear) what it’s all about for yourselves; I’ll do my best to do it justice but it really is quite original so be sure to check it out if you’re on the lookout for a unique app to download.



Mad Musical Mischief

What we have here is what can only be described as some kind of unique and innovative “sound toy” that you can manipulate to create all kinds of interesting sights and sounds.

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The basic concept of this app is that you begin by drawing lines and shapes of various colors on your iOS device’s display, and once you’re done you drop balls into the mess you’ve created to see what kind of sound combinations are conjured up.

Create a dynamic din
Create a dynamic din

Sonic Shenanigans

The possibilities with Boinkss are limitless as far as I can tell because you can draw an endless combination of shapes and colors, with each color corresponding to its own unique types of superb sonic splendor.

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As I’ve said, do yourselves a favor and just download this app because you’re almost certain to enjoy it one way or the other, and this applies to both music maniacs and art buffs alike!

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Physics simulation



Pros & Cons


  • Enjoy a unique and innovative “sound toy” to create all kinds of interesting sights and sounds
  • Draw colored lines and forms on the display before dropping balls to conjure up a delightful din
  • Use your fingers to create a seemingly unlimited variety of sound combinations
  • Choose from different colors which correspond to their own unique types of superb sonic splendor 


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Color with sound
Color with sound

Final Words

Boinkss is fun, very original, and just a teeny bit zany, and I definitely recommend downloading it onto your iPhone and iPad!



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