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Kidsake app review: add a banner with your child's age and name



Kidsake is an app for iPhone and iPad that allows you to share photos on Instagram, Facebook, and more through your photos. You add your child’s name  and birth date to the app, and the app will post an accurate age on a banner of your color and shape choice.

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Document Your Child

Photos have been around for almost two hundred years now, but it has only been the past six to eight years that social media has been a big influence. Facebook started in 2004, but didn’t take off until a few years later. Now, parents post photos of their children multiple times a day, and this app will help you keep track of how old the child in the photo is, and will also tell you which child it is.

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The app only permits one child at a time, but the settings are easily changed to take photos of your other children as well. If you’d like, you can use a banner style or color to specify which child you are looking at for twins as well.

The banner colors are fairly gender neutral with black and orange being the default, but blue and pink are also there if you prefer.

Banner options
Banner options

Enjoy Scrapbooking

What I like about Kidsake is that you can easily start a scrapbook for your child. Electronic scrapbooks are becoming a huge deal, and apps like Instacollage are very popular for putting more than one photo together for comparison or storytelling. You could also use your Kidsake photos to create a photo montage.

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Additionally, if you choose to print your photos, you can stick them onto a scrapbook page with the descriptive ribbon at the ready. I love this because I like to know exactly when photos were taken to put them into context in my photo albums.

There aren’t font options, but I’m okay with this. The banner creates a nice effect, and the age of your child is automatically calculated for you onto the banner.

Color options for banner
Color options for banner



Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Age automatically calculated based on settings
  • Four banner options
  • Four color options
  • Save to your photos to share with ease
  • Great for digital scrapbooking or printed scrapbooking


  • No font options
  • No direct share to social media
  • No import from photos

Finished product
Finished product

Final Thoughts

Kidsake is an iPad and iPhone app that allows you to take photos and put in your child’s exact age and name onto a banner. The app is great for sharing photos of your child on social media, or just for your own personal digital records. I love being able to look back and see the age of my child so easily, as I very much prefer my photos to be in chronological order with the date. I use the date stamp on my camera to help with this, but on iPhone there isn’t a date stamp option. I’d actually love to see this in the future! The digital stamp is there, but no easily viewed date. Anyway, I would recommend this app to any parent who has just had a baby, or adopted a pet. It can be used for that too!



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