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WhatTheFont app review: find the font style 2021



If you're into calligraphy or simply love to learn about fonts, then WhatTheFont app for iPhone that you should definitely check out.

What we have here is a nifty little app for fonts which enables users to identify the font they're looking at in a matter of seconds.

WhatTheFont is available from the Reference section of the App Store. It's a completely free app too. Keep reading our WhatTheFont app review as we take a look at how you can select fonts with this app and measure it against the best apps for writing. 

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Speedy and Reliable

WhatTheFont only takes up half a megabyte of space on your iPhone or iPad. This app's lightweight nature makes for quick processing when you pick out a photo with text.

This app has been developed by the people over at the website, and the app connects to the website service in order to carry out the image processing, so its speed will also partly depend on your internet connection speed, be it WiFi or 3G.

The website has been running for 12 years with constant improvements over the years, so you're sure to get some reliable and speedy results. Developers constantly update the app in order to provide optimal performance. 

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Speedy and Reliable image

Identify and Learn

To begin, you can either choose the in-app camera to snap a photo of the text, or you can import a photograph from your camera roll. This comes in particularly handy for users of older iOS devices which don't have cameras.

When you upload the image for processing, you will be presented with the matches for your text, and the cool thing is that you can zero in on specific characters to see if they match with your text.

Furthermore, you'll be able to check out the history, descriptions, and the character set of any given font. Character sets include capitalized letters, uncapitalized letters, and numbers from zero to nine.

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Identify and Learn image



Pros & Cons


  • Take photos of the text using the in-app camera or pick out photos from the camera roll
  • Free and lightweight app which only takes up 0.5 MB of space
  • Processes your images quickly and even shows you the progress on a bar
  • Learn about the history and other information regarding any of the fonts
  • Send the search summary in an email along with previews of the font style
  • From the folks over at website, which goes back 12 years


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

Those who are looking for a font-identifying app will end their search at WhatTheFont. This neat app will definitely help you figure out the font style and learn about it to boot, all from the comfort of your iPhone or iPad. Highly recommended!


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