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Trunk Notes Personal Wiki app review: your very own Wiki



Taking note-taking to brand new heights is the ingenious Trunk Notes Personal Wiki, and iPhone and iPad app that you can use to intelligently link your notes together to create your very own personal wiki.

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I really like the idea behind this app and frankly I’m surprised that I haven’t come across one like this before; if you take a lot of notes and want a common-sense way of linking them together then I think you’ll be in for a treat with this app.

Trunk Notes Personal Wiki


Create a WikiMEdia

Making what is probably my personal favorite addition to the Productivity category of the App Store this month is Trunk Notes Personal Wiki, which as the name suggests, can be used to create your own personal wiki with ease.

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This app basically works by allowing you to add hyperlinks between your various notes, and you can then use Wi-Fi connectivity to access your Trunk Notes wikis from your desktop web browser; how cool is that?!

Your own personal wiki
Your own personal wiki

Extensive Functionality

Trunk Notes Personal Wiki also allows for images and audio clips to be attached to your wiki entries, and it provides full support for Markdown formatting and TextExpander, so you really have got everything you need to create some truly comprehensive collections of information.

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As well as being able to use Wi-Fi to view your wikis on your desktop computer, you can also create handy digital back up of them by archiving them in a .ZIP folder and then emailing them to yourself. All formatting remains intact.

Alphabetized listings
Alphabetized listings

Trunk Notes Personal Wiki


Pros & Cons


  • Create your own personal wiki with an innovative note-taking utility
  • Add hyperlinks between your various notes to further expand your wiki
  • Synchronize your wiki across all of your iOS devices via Dropbox        
  • Use Wi-Fi connectivity to access your Trunk Notes wikis from your desktop web browser
  • Provides full support for Markdown formatting
  • Also allows you to add lists and headings
  • CSS stylesheets can be used to fully customize the appearance of your notes
  • Share your notes with others online via email with all formatting in tact
  • Fully supports TextExpander                                             
  • View your created notes and wiki pages in a web browser format with back and forward buttons
  • Insert images and audio clips to your notes for even greater detail
  • Create a handy digital backup copy of your wiki notes by archiving them in a .ZIP folder


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Easy sharing and synching
Easy sharing and synching

Final Words

Trunk Notes Personal Wiki is a great iPhone and iPad app based on a great concept, and in all of its simplicity I think the developer has achieved something truly fantastic; highly recommended!


Trunk Notes Personal Wiki

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