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Finger-Bug app review: find your home



Life as a bug isn't easy especially when you need to fight the elements just to survive. The Finger-Bug game for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone has you playing as a cute little bug who just wants to find its home again. The app uses an arcade-style game play which makes it all the cuter and even more entertaining. You’re in for cute graphics, adorable characters, and some real challenges as you battle your way back home.

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Finger Bug flap your way home


Battle Your Way Back

We all know how damaging wind can be but imagine how much more powerful it is to a bug! In Finger-Bug you were caught in a horribly powerful tornado that has in turn blown you very far from your home. It's not just one world you need to find your way through; it's many with all different types of enemies who are just waiting to gobble you up. And to top it off the wind is still strong and making your journey that much tougher. As mentioned the app uses arcade-style physics that feel both familiar and fun. It won't take you long at all to pick up on the game controls.

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This app has recently been updated with a few new features such as the home button which you'll now find on the right hand side of the screen, there is a light score that floats when you ram into or pick up any goodies and enemies, and now you can enjoy a sound effect whenever you activate the star. The app doesn't currently have a customer rating or any customer comments.

Cute arcade gameplay and graphics
Cute arcade gameplay and graphics

Launch the Fun

It’s obvious from the moment you launch Finger-Bug that it has that retro style to it. The music is exactly what you’d find in an arcade game and so are the graphics. From the main menu you can get game instructions, check out the high scores, or just start playing. If you sign in through Facebook you’ll even get an extra life. As you work your way through the levels you will be working to collect objects such as fruit and pollen plus destroy enemies. The levels increase in difficulty as you play and I like that each one has its own unique look and feel. This keeps the game interesting of course but also extremely challenging because you never have a chance to get too comfortable.

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Each level is challenging and unique
Each level is challenging and unique

Finger Bug flap your way home


Pros and Cons


  • The game has an arcade feel to it with the graphics, sounds, and gameplay itself
  • Each level is unique and challenging
  • The level of difficulty increases as you play
  • The game controls are easy to use and understand
  • There are power-ups to be used


  • The game is fairly basic but still challenging
  • The app is supported by ads

Finger-Bug screenshot
Finger-Bug screenshot

Final Thoughts

The Finger-Bug app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a cute offering with that classic arcade style that so many people love. This one is easy to pick up on and quite fun to play.



Finger Bug flap your way home

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