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TimeStamp It app review: make your photos memorable



TimeStamp It is a time stamp app that puts in a time and date stamp on your photos. This timestamp app is a great way to add pertinent details to your trips and photos. Even better, it's a very simple to use date stamp app that will ensure you always know when and where you took a specific picture. 

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I prefer to have these details turned on for my iPhone's camera and I have been looking for an easy to use date and time stamp app that will do this on my iDevice. I believe that this app hits the mark. 

Timestamp It - Make your Photos Memorable


Know When You Took Your Photos

TimeStamp It is a date and time stamp app that allows you to take the photo straight from the app, or look it up afterwards. You can additionally put in a caption such as the location, your family vacation, or whatever else you’d like.

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I am an organized person, and really like this app because I no longer have to guess at when my photos were taken. My iPhone has quickly become my primary camera, and now sharing photos including when they were taken has become much easier.

I also enjoy the caption option. Often you will be out and about on vacation, and forget which photos are from which location when you are visiting several castle ruins, for example. This is so easily fixed with this app because you not only have the date to look up and figure out where you were, but you can also add a caption like “North side of the Castle of Joe Black” or whatever will forever be stamped on your photo.

If you prefer to be able to cut it off for developing for some reason, then just make sure it is on the side of the landscape that will be cropped off.

Know When You Took Your Photos image


As mentioned above TimeStamp It allows you to put the date, time, and caption on your photo. There are six color options for your stamp to stand out: white, slate grey, blue, red, green, and yellow. You can move the caption, and you are supposed to be able to adjust the font, but after purchasing the add-on for $0.99 I couldn’t get the ads off to access this feature.

To adjust the size of the stamp if it appears to be too small, large, or you need it to fit a specific spot, you just pinch your fingers as you would to zoom in to a photo in your Camera Roll.

The app saves your dated photo in your Camera Roll as a new image, so you won’t lose the original unstamped image. If you wanted to print the photo for a frame, this would be handy, otherwise you can just delete the unstamped one at your leisure.

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Timestamp It - Make your Photos Memorable


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Remove ads for $0.99
  • Six colors to choose the most visible one for your photo, such as white for dark photos or slate for snowy photos
  • Easy to use
  • Saves directly to your Camera Roll as a new photo
  • Select your album for narrowing down photos
  • Share to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more from app
  • Set date and time in the order you want or no time at all


  • Settings not always accessible

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

TimeStamp It - Make Your Photos Memorable is an iPhone and iPad app that will put a time and date stamp on your photo to help you remember when you took photos, and with the use of the caption feature the location or event too.

I have been waiting for Apple to add a date stamp option to the camera feature, but this app helps. Overall, it’s easy to use, and does the trick.

Timestamp It - Make your Photos Memorable

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