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Sugarmons app review: time to clean up the mess



You've probably heard of the sugar bugs but what about sugar monsters? The Sugarmons app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone features adorable little sugar monsters who unfortunately have a never-ending appetite and who are taking over Sugarland. This is where you come in your help is required in stopping them before they eat everything in the land. This is a puzzle-based game that resembles such popular games as Candy Crush, Puzzle Fighter, Columns, and Tetris yet this one has some sweet twists all its own.

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SUGARMONS (Sugar Monsters) - First Custom Match 3 Puzzle Game!


Match Three with a Sweet Twist

The Sugarmons app offers your classic match three style puzzle play with a whole bunch of cool and unique twists. In this game you'll be working to help Queen Creampuff from stopping the sugar monsters from taking over Sugarland. These adorable little monsters have an insatiable hunger and are eating everything in sight, if you don’t stop them there will be nothing left of Sugarland. Now what's really cool about this game is that you get to create each of the four color block monsters and then you will import them in the game. What this means is that your game board will look totally different from your friends'.

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The game is a brand-new release and is free to play however there are a couple of in-app purchases that range in price from $0.99 to $9.99. The app has a perfect five star rating from users and comments are extremely positive. It's fun for kids and adults and the customization features really set it apart from the competition.

Create your own unique sugar monsters
Create your own unique sugar monsters

Exciting and Engaging Gameplay

Everything about the Sugarmons app is fun, exciting, and engaging from the fact you get to personalize your experience to the challenge itself. Don't forget to share your monster creations to social media so you and your friends can compare. After you finish making your creations, it's time to get to the gameplay, which features you swiping the screen to match three. There are items that you can earn, you'll be able to extend your game time if you play well enough, and there are also bonuses. Each game is just one minute long so you really need to work fast.

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The app supports the Game Center which allows you to see how you stack up against other players and compete against them. This is the type of game you'll have a hard time putting down thanks to its smooth controls, fun graphics, and the challenge it offers.

Classic match-three style gameplay
Classic match-three style gameplay

SUGARMONS (Sugar Monsters) - First Custom Match 3 Puzzle Game!


Pros and Cons


  • The app features classic match-three style gameplay
  • Customize and create your own monsters
  • Share your creations on social media
  • The app supports Game Center and achievements
  • The gameplay is smooth and responsive
  • The app features cute graphics and sound effects


  • There are some in-app purchases

Sugarmons screenshot
Sugarmons screenshot

Final Thoughts

The Sugarmons app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is one of those games it’s hard to find any fault with because it is so well-executed. This one is fun, exciting, feels unique, and is completely addictive.


SUGARMONS (Sugar Monsters) - First Custom Match 3 Puzzle Game!

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