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Cueframe app review: jot notes to help you remember



Cueframe is an iPhone and iPad app that allows you to jot down notes to use your device like a PostIt board. There are several color choices, you can move the notes around, and you can resize them to make more important ones bigger.

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Color Code Your Tasks

PostIt notes have been around for a long time as an organizational tool for jotting quick notes, reminders, and more. Cueframe adds this functionality to your device by allowing you to easily jot notes to help remember your tasks, or just a quick note about your day, or whatever else you need to write down.

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Double tap to add, tap and hold to edit, swipe up to delete, or shake to undo makes this gesture based app easy to use. I like that there are five color options of orange, green, yellow, red, and blue to help you visually organize your tasks by category, or just to break up the jumble of notes.

Keep Your To Do List Interesting

Cueframe can act as a to-do list rather than the built-in reminders to-do list. It is a more interesting app to check when you’re out and about, simply because of the color coding. I am an avid color coder, and keep multiple pens on my fridge for the family calendar for this task. It’s great that I can now do this in my to do list, and I hope I can see it on my iCalendar soon!

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If you want to use it for cue cards to study, this is another option. You can’t cycle through them like some flash card apps, but you can type a lot of information into them to study from and scroll down as you go.

Another use would be the ever necessary grocery list. You could color code by store, section, or whatever else you need to divide you list by such as priority.

Two Tap Notes


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Color code your tasks
  • Add, edit, and more with gestures
  • To do list, grocery list, studying
  • Syncs with calendar


  • No reminder option

Final Thoughts

Cueframe is an iPhone and iPad app that will turn your device into a PostIt note reminder desk. PostIts have helped people remember important information for a while, and now that people are going digital, if you need an app to take the paper to your device, this is a great one to try. I love the color coding, the size adjusting, and how easy it is to use. If you’re looking for an easy to use reminder app, then this is a great one to try.

Two Tap Notes

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