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Project Management app review: learn how to get organized



It's one thing to say you need to be better organized it's a whole other thing to actually learn how to be that kind of individual and follow through on good organization. The Project Management app can be used on your iPad and takes you through the basics of how to coordinate a project. You'll learn all about the project initiation, the planning stages, and then the project team execution. With proper planning and organization it’s amazing how much more productive people tend to be.

The best project management apps for iPad-2021

Project Management - MBA Learning Solutions


Approach Your Project in an Organized Way

Instead of just starting your project with no plan in place you may want to check out the Project Management app. With this project management app you'll learn how to properly plan, organize, and execute your project. This app uses methods that were designed by the Project Management Institute and offers a full MBA level course text as well as the study materials. The course and study materials were created by Dr. Jae K. Shim who is a Professor of Business at California State University. You will be able to work your way through the many chapters of content and apply what you have learned in your real-life situation.

The best iPhone apps for task management

Even though the app has a pretty high price tag it doesn't seem to deter users in the least who have given it four out of five stars. Because you are getting a full course from a professional the price tag actually feels quite reasonable. The app hasn't been updated in over two years, but again this doesn't seem to be an issue at all with customers.

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What's Included?

Taking a closer look at what's included in the Project Management app, you will have access to the full course of material which is divided up into chapters to make navigation simple. There are flashcards that are interactive to help you learn the material, you will be able to take a test at the end of each chapter and then read explanations of the answers, and there is a glossary of terms. You can adjust the font, add a bookmark, and there is no need for an Internet connection to use it.

The best project management apps for iPhone

I find the user interface and the overall appearance to be a bit crude and basic but at the same time this one is really supposed to be about the content itself. It’s easy to navigate at least, just not very engaging.


Project Management - MBA Learning Solutions


Pros and Cons


  • The project planning app is easy to navigate
  • The material is all divided into chapters
  • Take a test at the end of each chapter
  • Add bookmarks
  • Adjust the font
  • Make use of the interactive flashcards


  • The user interface is basic and cumbersome
  • The app hasn’t been updated in quite some time

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Final Thoughts

The Project Management app for your iPad makes it possible for you to learn how to plan, organize, and execute upon these plans. This is a professional-feeling tool which is easy to follow and use.

Project Management - MBA Learning Solutions

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