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GOZOA app review: interactive learning for kids



Just because your child is done school for the day doesn't mean they can't continue their studies at home. The GOZOA app for your iPad delivers educational lessons that are packaged as games so kids will feel as though they're relaxing and having fun. This app has been made for kids ages five through eight and focuses on a variety of math skills. Math can be one of those tough subjects for many kids to grasp so this app attempts to approach the lesson in a different way, a way that is hopefully more powerful for them.

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GOZOA - Play & learn math


Take Part in a Math Adventure

Here's a chance to take part in a real math adventure in the GOZOA app. Here kids will be going after the rather naughty villain who has gone around and taken all the star numbers. Kids need to win these numbers back, which is done by solving all the math assignments and completing all nine levels. The app strives to hit that perfect mixture of education and gaming, which is obvious from the moment you launch it. Kids can play this one on all on their own or you can play with them and help to encourage the learning process.

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In the app's most recent update there were some enhancements made to the graphics for a smoother user experience. The app scores quite high with users who have awarded it four out of five stars. Parents can rest assured knowing the app doesn't contain external links, it doesn't collect data, and there are no ads. Keep in mind this one requires iPad 2 or newer.

A great variety of activities/games
A great variety of activities/games

The Perfect Balance

Because GOZOA is all about achieving that perfect balance between learning and gaming there is plenty of emphasis on the graphics, game controls, and sounds. Each is quite impressive and professional and certainly manages to capture your child's attention. There are actually over 50 math assignments in the app and are made up of 20 different types. These problems are scattered over nine levels that take place in three different worlds. Kids will be awarded stars based on how well they do. They will also be working to collect coins which can then be used to buy clothing for the character of GOZOA and all his friends.

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I find that this app is able to offer assignments/exercises that actually feel unique and kids will definitely want to keep up with the game because there always seems to be something new to work on.

Kids can use the coins they've earned to go shopping
Kids can use the coins they've earned to go shopping

GOZOA - Play & learn math


Pros and Cons


  • The app offers interactive learning assignments
  • Kids will be awarded based on their performance
  • Fabulous characters, sounds, and gameplay
  • There are over 50 math assignments to complete in nine different levels


  • There is nothing negative to say

Fun platforms and lots of educational games
Fun platforms and lots of educational games

Final Words

The GOZOA app for your iPad is a great way to bring the learning home and enjoy it with your child to work to build upon math skills.


GOZOA - Play & learn math

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