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snowbuddy app review: helping you make the most of winter



Even though winter hasn't officially started in many areas snow is already falling and that means the winter sports have started. The snowbuddy app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone provides users with a way to make the most of the season and acts as a social app filled with challenges you can send your friends. This app has been created by those who love and know the winter sports well so you know the content will be perfect for your wants. 

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Enjoy Winter Sports in a Social Way

Instead of heading out on the slopes on your own for what can be a rather dull day snowbuddy will completely change how you view the season. This app is filled with piste maps from around the world so you'll be able to plot where you are and then view where your friends are. You may just find a few close by that you weren't aware of. Now what's really fun is that you can also keep track of your stats and then compete with your friends through a variety of challenges. This will completely transform how you view winter sports.

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The app is free to use and in its recent update there were performance enhancements, bug fixes, and the piste maps have been improved. The app doesn't yet have a customer rating or customer comments but as we head deeper into winter sports season this is bound to change.

Track all your winter sports stats
Track all your winter sports stats

Use the App With or Without a Connection

What's really great about this app is that you can use it with or without an Internet connection, which really comes into play when you're deep into the trails. You'll be able to use snowbuddy to track all your activities on the slopes, you can create challenges as you go, and then when you have an Internet connection everything will be uploaded. This gives you total flexibility with the app. Now as for what the snowbuddy app is capable of there are all kinds of tools and treasures to be found in it.

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First off you'll become acquainted with Cristof real fast as Cristof acts as your own snowbuddy. Each time your friends head out on the slope, you reach the top of the Leaderboard, your friend sends a "yodel" to you, and when you manage to clock your top speed you'll get a notification from Cristof. It’s an interactive and cool way to stay on top of all your updates. Additional features include real-time updates to your stats, the ability to view maps, and access weather information.

Meet Cristof who acts as your personal snowbuddy
Meet Cristof who acts as your personal snowbuddy



Pros and Cons


  • The app is user-friendly and interactive
  • You are given a personal snowbuddy by the name of Cristof who keeps you updated on all your stats and social aspects
  • View when friends are on the slopes
  • Create and send challenges to friends
  • The app keeps track of your stats
  • Access maps and weather information through the app


  • There were some very small bugs which appear to have been fixed

snowbuddy screenshot
snowbuddy screenshot

Final Words

The snowbuddy app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is really unique and fun and gives you a user-friendly way to keep track of your stats and even turn winter sports into a challenge among friends.



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