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iCallYou-Call Reminder app review: non-functional



iCallYou-Call Reminder follows a great idea of setting up call reminders to ensure you always contact people in a timely manner, but unfortunately a lack of maintenance from the developer has left this iPhone and iPad  reminders app all but non-functional.

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It’s a real shame that the developer has let this reminders app fall into disrepair because it follows a decent concept that could really help people to more effectively organize their call schedules.

iCallYou-(Call Reminder & Widget)



Making a rather disappointing entry into the Productivity category of the App Store is this call reminder utility that has been designed to send you notifications when it is time to contact your friend, client, or anyone else you might have promised you’d call.

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The issue with this app is that it just hasn’t received the updates and ongoing maintenance it needs to keep up with iOS updates, at least as far as I can tell.

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Lack of Maintenance

iCallYou-Call Reminder has a lot of potential and could certainly make the lives of people like salesmen far easier by automating callbacks but alas, it seems pretty useless these days.

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I would recommend looking for another call reminder app until and unless the developer makes the effort to fix this one.

Lack of Maintenance image

iCallYou-(Call Reminder & Widget)


Pros & Cons


  • This app has been designed to help you set up reminders so that you receive a Push notification when it is time to call one of your contacts, but unfortunately the app is all but non-functional so I would advise looking elsewhere


  • It appears as if this app has received little to no maintenance since its inception, leaving it barely working and not really worth downloading

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Final Words

iCallYou-Call Reminder for iPhone and iPad is best avoided until the developer decides to step up and get it updated and optimized for the latest iOS versions.

iCallYou-(Call Reminder & Widget)

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