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Piclay app review: a photo-editing suite-2021



Piclay - Photo Editor. Blend, Mirror and add text to images is a photo editor for iPhone and iPad which lets you add cool effects, typography, effects, and frames to your photos.

This photo editing app features a full photo-editing suite, which can be yours for free. Head over to the Photo & Video section of the App Store and make the 35.5 MB download.

Let's get right to its features in our Piclay app review and see if it's the best best iPhone app for editing photos.

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Piclay - Photo Editor, Blend, Mirror, Collage


Overlay and Mirror Effects

Piclay - Photo Editor. Blend, Mirror and add text to images sets itself apart from the plethora of Photo & Videos apps with its Overlay mode. This is a double exposure feature, which lets you combine two images together.

You can then apply effects to these images such as Lighten, Darken, Multiply, and Screen. There is a total of 40 effects available for you to choose from.

This app also features a mirror mode, which allows you to make perfect "reflections" of your image in four modes. Images can be mirrored side by side and top to bottom if you want a single reflection, while you can also do a four-square mirroring or a side-by-side vertical mirroring with four mirrors.

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Overlay and Mirror Effects image

Text, Frames, and Sharing

Once you're done adding your effects, you can add some text to the photos. There is a curated selection of fonts available to choose from, and you can even layer your text if you wish to. The text box can be rotated and resized, and you can even change the transparency of the words.

There are more than 40 photo frames available in this app, which will help you add a cool finishing touch. Facebook and Instagram integration is also provided, so you can share your completed works of art onto social media networks with ease.

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Text, Frames, and Sharing image

Piclay - Photo Editor, Blend, Mirror, Collage


Pros & Cons


  • Overlay your photos in a double-exposure look
  • Use one of the four Piclay mirrors
  • Choose from over 40 photo effects to enhance your images
  • Add multiple layers of text with adjustable opacity
  • Choose from a variety of lovely fonts, add outlines, and drop shadows
  • Font color can also be adjusted
  • Choose from 40 photo frames to complete the look


Pros & Cons image

Final Words

If you're in the market for a photo-editing app for your iPhone or iPad, then Piclay - Photo Editor. Blend, Mirror and add text to images is definitely worth checking out.

Piclay - Photo Editor, Blend, Mirror, Collage

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