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Wikiamo app review: browse Wikipedia with ease



If you're looking for a way to efficiently and effectively browse Wikipedia on your iPhone or iPad, then Wikiamo is an app that you might consider downloading.

What we have here is an app with custom formatting that enables users to comfortably and easily read the articles on their iOS devices. This app can be found in the Reference section, and it is free to download, taking up just 0.4 MB of space.

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Custom Interface

Aside from simply bringing you all the WIki articles to your iPhone or iPad, Wikiamo allows users to do much more with their interface in terms of customization, making it a far superior experience to simply viewing it on Safari.

When you first launch up the app, you'll see the search dialog box, allowing you to quickly input whatever you want to look up. This is a real-time search, so you can look up items without typing them in full. Users can adjust the font size for comfortable reading, and the page will rotate on its own as you rotate your device.

If you like to simply browse random articles on Wikipedia, you can shake your iDevice and the app will display a random page for your perusal.

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Article layout
Article layout

Functions & Features

The Wikiamo app has many functions and features unavailable on competing apps. Users will have access to their search history and they will also be able to bookmark their favorite articles for reading later on.

Page-caching options are many. By default, the cache history will be saved for a week, but users can also choose to permanently cache the pages they visit. When pages are cached, they can be accessed even when offline.

Multilingual search functions are also available.

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Real-time search
Real-time search



Pros & Cons


  • Bookmarking and search history features
  • Page caching options for offline reading
  • Shake your iDevice to read a random article
  • Incremental search options in multiple languages
  • Change the font size
  • Display auto-rotates as you turn the device around


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Multiple language support
Multiple language support

Final Words

Wikiamo is one of the finest apps available for browsing Wikipedia on the iPhone and iPad. I'd highly recommend it to prospective users who are looking for an app that serves this function.



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Neha Sinha

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