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i.Event app review: keep your event under control



When planning an event it's pretty easy to let it spiral out of control so we've come across a tool that can help you really reign in the plans and tasks. The i.Event app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and can be used in the planning of any type of work or personal event. There are a large number of tools that can be used in your event planning, all meant to keep the process streamlined and organized. 

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Event Planning Doesn't Have to be a Chore

Who says that event planning has to be a chore, confusing, and over-whelming? The i.Event planner is meant to make your life a whole lot easier whether you are planning a small family gathering or a large business meeting. The user interface has been created to be very user-friendly and quick to use so that you don't feel as though planning has taken over your life. Just by taking these few moments to enter in details you'll be feeling more organized in general and your event is that much more likely to go off without a hitch. The home screen always displays the day's gifts, exercises, and events so that you get a quick snapshot of what's going on.

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This app is a few years old now and hasn't had any updates. It's really beginning to show its age and because this is the kind of tool you need to be accurate and high-tech, it's really starting to suffer now. Despite its age it still doesn’t have any comments or a customer rating as this one really doesn’t seem to have picked up any sort of interest.

Use this app for multi-task planning
Use this app for multi-task planning

The Features Included

While there aren't a ton of features included in the i.Event app there is a small handful. You'll be able to quickly create an event and then add checklists to it, set up notifications, set the priority level of the event, add in a due date, add contacts, and add notes. You can also attach exercise groups right to the event itself and gifts. Each time you make an edit to an event it will be synced to all the other sections to save you time from having to re-enter it. To ensure your information stays secure, the app offers password protection.

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As far as the user interface goes it feels pretty archaic. There isn't anything sleek, engaging, or noteworthy.

Set up notifications
Set up notifications



Pros and Cons


  • The app makes creating and editing events quick and simple
  • You can attach items to the event and set up alerts/notifications
  • When you make an edit to the event the changes will be synced through all sections to save you time
  • The app is protected with a password


  • There is nothing engaging or exciting with this app
  • The app feels out of touch and not overly helpful

i.Event screenshot
i.Event screenshot

Final Words

The i.Event app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is meant to make planning an event simple and streamlined but I feel as though this one is lacking far too many details for it to be productive.



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