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Storybook Maker app review: kids' own unique book



Instead of reading the same book to your children over and over again, why not give them the opportunity to let their creative mind go into overdrive and make their own book. The Storybook Maker app for your iPad gives kids a way to make, design, and then share their creation. Kids can be as fast as they want or take as much time as they like creating their own storybook. It of course has educational benefits as well as building upon their creativity and confidence levels.

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Storybook Maker


Let Kids Tell Their Own Story

Here's a chance to let your children's imaginations really blossom and allow them to tell their own story. The Storybook Maker app lets them take over the whole process from creating the story to designing it and then sharing it. They will be able to create picture book, short stories, scrapbooks, photo collages, and vacation albums. There are a variety of tools all meant to give kids a user-friendly performance and provide them with what they need in order to be creative. The pages allow for individual customization and when it comes to publishing and sharing the book you've got three ways to do it.

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The app's last update was just over one year ago when some bug fixes were made and the sharing tool was made to be easier. The app scores quite high with users who have given it four out of five stars. Reading through the customer comments, it seems opinions are a bit mixed. Although users like the options it offers there seem to be some stability and performance issues.

Kids will be the author in this app
Kids will be the author in this app

Customizing Their Story

The Storybook Maker app makes it possible for kids to customize each individual page of their story. They can make use of borders, fun backgrounds, add recorded audio, choose their type/font, create a painting, import photos from the Photo Album, and even make use of the stickers that are found in the built-in sticker album. Give each of the pages its own layout so that nothing has to look dull and boring.

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As far as sharing the book goes, kids can publish it to the Public Library that is offered within the app so that all users can access their book, they can publish it as a multi-media book, or they can publish it as a PDF file that you can then email to recipients. The tools and features are easily accessible for kids and easy to understand so they will likely be able to do much of the work on their own.

Share books in a variety of ways
Share books in a variety of ways

Storybook Maker


Pros and Cons


  • The user interface is child-friendly
  • Each page can have its own layout and design
  • There are plenty of customization tools
  • There is a variety of ways to share the book they have created


  • There seem to be some stability issues with the app

Lots of drawing tools
Lots of drawing tools

Final Words

The Storybook Maker app for your iPad encourages kids to tap into their own imagination and make use of the engaging, interactive, and fun child-friendly tools in this app.


Storybook Maker

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