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Uwana app review: smart meet-up organizing



Uwana is a great little utility for iPhone and iPad that will make it easier than ever for you to organize and coordinate casual or professional meetings between you and your friends without having all the usual back and forth via text message or phone.

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I love the idea behind this app because all too often we find ourselves in the midst of a confusing conversation among multiple people, with crossed wires left, right and center, while trying to organize events and miscellaneous meet-ups.



Set Up Meetings With Ease

What we have here is an excellent app in the Social Networking category of the App Store that will allow you to easily and effectively organize meetings and meet-ups, both in a professional and personal context.

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Whether you’re trying to coordinate your subordinates for a work event or you’re just trying to round up your buddies for a few rounds on a Friday night, you should find Uwana to be quite the useful time-saving tool.

Can you make it
Can you make it

Save Your Time

The great thing about Uwana is that it saves you from having to arrange everything by text or phone, so you can focus on getting the arrangements down nice and quickly without having to waste time unnecessarily.

The best iPhone apps for meetings-2021

The only limitation I see with this app is that you can’t arrange meetings any earlier than 24 hours in advance; this makes it great for short-term planning but I’d really like to see the concept expanded to allow for planning a further ahead of time.

No more length SMS conversations
No more length SMS conversations



Pros & Cons


  • Easily organize meetings and meet-ups with this cool intuitive utility
  • Ideal for professional and personal contexts with colleagues and friends alike
  • Prevents you from having to arrange everything by text or phone in order to save time
  • Excellent for organizing meetings between groups of several people
  • Receive a Push notification when you receive an invitation or amendment to a meet-up
  • Set up meetings with your contacts as far as 24 hours in advance


  • I would really like to see the addition of long-term planning of meetings in future updates of this app as that would open this excellent app up to a wider audience, including professionals and individuals with a busy social calendar

Push notifications
Push notifications

Final Words

Uwana is a great iPhone and iPad based on a solid concept, and I think it has a lot of potential for further development.

Trust me; Uwana download this app!



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