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PhotoTime app review: a Smart Photo Organizer



PhotoTime - Smart Photo Organizer is an iPhone and iPad app that helps you organize your photos by person, location, and more! No more swiping through the many photos on your device to share or to show: just type in a keyword to view all of the photos of your kids, husband, and more!

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PhotoTime - Automatic Face Sorting & Keywords Tagging for Your Moments


Sort Your Photos with Ease

Facebook introduced face recognition software a while back, and PhotoTime - Smart Photo Organizer uses a similar algorithm to sort the photos in your album, on your Facebook, and on your Instagram account into categories you dictate. Then you can search the photo database for specific photos of a specific person. Scrolling through the thousands of photos in your collection is tedious, and if you don’t sort your photos into albums often, or even if you do, they grow large and make finding photos difficult.

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This iPad and iPhone photo organizer is great for me, because I love to share photos of specific things such as carseat safety, baby wearing, or photos of my children doing whacky things. I’ve been looking for an app to help me out, and now I’ve found it! AND it’s free!

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Privacy is a Big Deal

The people who developed PhotoTime - Smart Photo Organizer take your privacy seriously. This is also a huge deal to me because I’m adding photos of my children to the organizer! I don’t want embarrassing photos getting out, and I don’t want their faces published in more places than I know of. I do publish to Facebook, but I am also concerned about predators recognizing them in public and using that to their advantage.

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The privacy settings in this app are great and including anonymous upload of all photos before they are sent to the secure servers to be metadata tagged for the face recognition process. Once you give the app permission, all of your photos will be uploaded, so this is extremely important for those cute bathtub photos you may have forgotten were on your device. Once the process is completed, your image is deleted and PhotoTime does not store your images on their secure servers. When you terminate the app in your device settings, all details that were generated for the app tagging are deleted. This gives me peace of mind that my photos are safe, no peeping toms will see my kids and risk their anonymity.

Privacy is a Big Deal image

PhotoTime - Automatic Face Sorting & Keywords Tagging for Your Moments


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Organizes all of your photos on your device, Facebook and Instagram by face, location, etc
  • Very secure privacy settings to ensure your anonymity and photo safety


  • Takes a long time and a lot of data, make sure you’re on WiFi

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

PhotoTime - Smart Photo Organizer is an iPhone app that helps you sort your photos by face, location, and so much more. I love this app for quickly referencing my photos when on the go with friends, as I love to show what funny thing my kids have been up to lately, or simply show off their latest achievements! I’ve been looking for an app that provides anonymity and has high security settings, and this one fits all the requirements.

PhotoTime - Automatic Face Sorting & Keywords Tagging for Your Moments

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