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SUPER WHY! app review: kids can learn with their favorite character



If you have a young child who is a fan of the popular PBS Kids TV series SUPER WHY then we have an app that is perfect for you. The SUPER WHY! app can be played on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and allows kids to have fun with four of the main characters. Of course this isn’t just about fun; they will also be learning about and practicing rhyming, the alphabet, spelling, reading, and writing. 

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All Their Favorite Characters

Here's a chance for kids to help four of their favorite characters in the SUPER WHY! app. The characters featured are Wonder Red, Princess Presto, Alpha Pig, and the star himself: Super Why. There are a variety of learning activities that will feel like games to your little one. Each of these activities focuses on a different area which are reading, writing, spelling, rhyming, and the alphabet. The app is ideal for kids ages six and under (just like the television show) and they don’t even have to be familiar with the TV series Super Why in order to enjoy this offering.

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The app has recently been updated to be compatible with iOS 6 +. Parents are giving this offering high marks with a four out of five star rating. It seems as though it’s doing a great job capturing the interest of kids and teaching them important skills at the same time.

Kids can learn with their favorite characters
Kids can learn with their favorite characters

The Learning Experience

What's fun about the SUPER WHY! app is that each of the learning activities is represented but a different character so the game feels fun and fresh. In Super Why's Story Saver you need to help Super Why pick the correct words that will finish the sentence. In Alpha Pig's Lickety Letter Hunt kids will be helping Alpha Pig navigate his way home along the alphabet path. Wonder Red's Rhyming Time is about what else, learning all about rhyming. And lastly there is Princess Presto's Wands-Up Writing which gives kids an opportunity to trace letters, learn about the letter sounds, and even write words.

To keep kids feeling motivated and of course reward them for all their hard work they will be given virtual stickers as they complete activities. They can place their stickers in their virtual sticker book. The app has plenty going for it including child-friendly game controls, bright and vivid animations, fun sound effects, and engaging gameplay.

Content is great but there isn't a lot
Content is great but there isn't a lot



Pros and Cons


  • The app features kid-friendly controls
  • There are plenty of vivid animations and sound effects
  • Kids are given four different learning activities/games and each features its own character from the TV series
  • They will be awarded stickers as they progress through the game


  • This app’s major con is that there isn’t more content

Learn rhyming words
Learn rhyming words

Final Words

The SUPER WHY! app can be played on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and provides kids with an immersive and engaging opportunity to learn about a variety of common topics with some of their favorite characters.



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