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Double Across app review: a multiplayer take on crossword puzzles



So you think you've mastered crossword puzzles? Well, don't be so sure because here's a whole new take on the classic crossword puzzle that really delivers in the area of challenge. The Double Across app can be played on your iPad and provides you with a multi-player experience. You'll be able to play with anywhere from one to six players and you can even play up to 15 games simultaneously if you're really good. It's an engaging approach to the game with its own rules that is unexpected and certainly refreshing. 

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Double Across - Crossword Puzzle Game


A Classic Game with a Modern Approach

It's really fun playing the classics but sometimes they start to feel a bit dull. The Double Across app is just the answer because it provides you with that classic gameplay but with a number of modern touches that make it feel all new and very exciting. The goal in this game is to build words one at a time, and they can be any length, and basically keep growing your crossword. When it's your turn your job is to make a work that is able to intersect with as many existing words on the board as possible. The game is, of course, challenging, but at the same time it will have you thinking and really expanding your vocabulary in the process.

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Keep in mind this app requires iOS 7.0 or later to play. It currently has 4.5 out of five stars from users who can't seem to get enough of this new take on crossword puzzles.

Expand your vocabulary while having fun
Expand your vocabulary while having fun

Gameplay Features

So now that we've covered how the Double Across game works it's time to take a look at the many fun features here. The app supports Game Center and there are an incredible 15 Leaderboards to climb and 47 Game Center Achievements. You can play solitaire mode or in multi-player mode with up to five friends or computerized friends. You can all play on the same device or you can go online to challenge your friends. There's no need to focus on just one game because you can actually have up to 15 games happening at the same time.

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Other game features is that the board is huge so you've got plenty of space to be creative, you can drag the tiles to the board or type them, and you'll be able to see everyone else's letters. Even the user interface has spared no expense as the attention to details is obvious.

A beautiful and huge game board
A beautiful and huge game board

Double Across - Crossword Puzzle Game


Pros and Cons


  • The app features a huge and beautiful game board
  • Play in solitaire mode or with up to five other players (online, in person on one device, or against computerized players)
  • The gameplay feels fresh and exciting
  • The app supports multiple Leaderboards and Achievements
  • You can type in your letters or drag them to the boards


  • There are some set requirements if you plan on playing online multi-player mode, you'll need iOS 5 and a Game Center account

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Pick out your unique computer personalities

Final Thoughts

The Double Across app for your iPad will have you hooked from the start. Everything about this game feels fresh and challenging and at the same time it comes off very polished.


Double Across - Crossword Puzzle Game

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