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Circle app review: a game of avoiding touching the line using your tapping dexterity 2021



Circle is an iPhone and iPad reaction game app that will have you testing your dexterity while sliding various circle characters along the line course.

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In this reaction game for iPhone and iPad, there are more than 15 circles to unlock, and even more challenges to achieve.

Let's dive deeper into this app's features through our Circle app review. After you are done reading the review, let us know if you think it's one of the best reaction game apps for iPhone and iPad users. 



Slide the Circle

Circle is a game of sliding a circle along the line without touching the line. It’s like an obstacle course that will help you practice your dexterity by playing keep up and keep off. It’s a very fun game because it forces you to get your timing right.

The best iPad apps for reaction games

There are no arrows, no sliding like you may expect from childhood electric games, but rather you must get your taps aligned just right to complete the course. You have to tap to go up, let the circle fall to go down, but not go too high or fall too low either.

The game is a bit frustrating because you have to get the feel of the game before you can get anywhere. I am not that great at video games, but I did like playing this one. It took me a bit to get the hang of it, and I didn’t make it through any levels, but I got further and further each time. It was fun to try!

Slide the Circle image

Score with Game Center

Circle uses Game Center’s score boards and friendship connections to play. This means that you can keep you scores if you need to delete the game for some reason, that you can invite your friends to play with you that you already have connections with, and that you can easily see your high score next to your friends’.

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Initially I wasn’t pleased with Game Center as it takes up space on my device and I can’t get rid of it. As I’ve tested more and more games though, I have come to rather like this app. It keeps you high scores safe if you have to switch games around a lot.

Games such as this one keep your score if you choose to keep the record when you delete, so that when you put it back on your device, or another device, you can keep practicing up to your next top score rather than starting again. Circle uses the functions of the Game Center nicely.

Score with Game Center image



Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Lots of tapping fun to keep you from getting bored
  • Syncs with Game Center to track your high score, play with friends, and more
  • Your dexterity will be tested


  • None found

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Final Thoughts

Circle is an iPad and iPhone game that will have you testing your tapping dexterity. Can you tap at the right moment to get around that tricky corner? Can you keep your circle safe?

I enjoyed playing this game, and even though I found it difficult, there are many players who will have a great time with this game. Overall, I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys games, as it is one you can fill a few minutes with and not need to worry about finding a save point to keep your progress.


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