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SGMemo app review: simple and secure note-taking



SGMemo is a simple little app for your iPhone and iPad that you can use to take down important notes or write diary and journal entries before locking them up securely with passcode protection.

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If you’ve got things you’d like to jot down but don’t want other people seeing them then I think that a simple utility such as this will give you pretty much what you need to achieve this without the added bells and whistles that often come with this kind of app.



Notes... and then Some!

What we have here is a very basic app that is essentially not all that different to the native iOS Notes widget, of course with the exception that you can add passcode protection to keep your notes a little more secure.

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Another added feature that this app offers is the option to sort your notes into different groups or categories, so if you write a lot this should help to keep things a little more organized.

Secure note-taking
Secure note-taking

Effective Note Management

SGMemo lets you write and save as many memos as you need, and you can add as many as you like to your Favorites list for quick and easy future reference.

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Personally I don’t see why Apple doesn’t enhance the iOS Notes functionality, but I guess until they do we’ll rely on handy apps like this!

Group your notes
Group your notes



Pros & Cons


  • Utilize this simple interface to write personal memos and journal entries in a secure manner
  • Keep your entries safe and secure with passcode protection
  • Sort your memos into different groups or categories for more concise recordkeeping
  • Set up as many memos you need with an unlimited amount of space available
  • Add memos to your Favorites list for quick and easy future reference


  • Please note that if you lose or forget the passcode to this app you will not be able to retrieve it, so ensure you keep a record of your passcode somewhere safe

Add notes to your Favorites
Add notes to your Favorites

Final Words

SGMemo is a great little tool for secure note-taking, so be sure to keep it handy on your iPhone and iPad.



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