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Weird But True app review: weird facts for your child's enjoyment and education



Weird But True is an iPhone and iPad fact app for kids to learn odd facts to share with their friends, or just for fun. My son loves weird facts, and I look forward to sharing this with him next road trip!

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Weird But True


Kids Love Facts, Feed them Information!

Weird But True is a great fact-based game for kids, or any fact loving person to enjoy. I can see this being a fun activity for older special needs students too. My son is 11, and loves facts. There are three packs available: weird but true: free pack; weird but true: mega pack; and weird but true: pack 1. I definitely see there being more packs in the future! Obviously the free pack is available in the free game, and the other two are available for a small fee.

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I was impressed with the amount of free cards. I must have scrolled through over 20 facts that the kids can either click on That’s Weird!, the Favorites heart, rate the weirdness, share, or go back home to select a different pack. It’s easy to navigate, so great for early readers or special needs students as mentioned above.

Main menu
Main menu


Weird But True can be applied in many different educational settings. Kids could use it from Grade 1 up to about Grade 6 during down time to keep learning, but also be interested. Every classroom should have a Guinness Book of Records because the interest that it stirs up can bring on many different lessons that are specific to the class interest. This app can also help with this, and if you are teaching a grade 7 to 12 special needs class, then the interest could easily continue on. When I was working with the intermediate special needs kids, we would take a page a day of the Guinness Book of Records that I had pre-selected for appropriate content and the kids loved it! With the app, the content is already pre-selected to be appropriate!

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Fact example showing the buttons
Fact example showing the buttons

Weird But True


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Many different interests for many different kids
  • Great for educational settings
  • Great for Grades 1 through 6
  • Also great for Grades 7 and up for special needs classes


  • None found

A fun factoid
A fun factoid

Final Thoughts

Weird But True is a great iPhone and iPad app to keep kids interested in many different topics that can be presented in an interesting manner. Kids love to learn, and when you keep the topics changing, they keep interested in learning. Lots of kids just love to read random facts, but they can also generate further research and learning opportunities. I love the Guinness Book of Records for this, and the National Geographic Society did a fantastic job of creating a user friendly app for kids. Overall, I am definitely recommending for many different applications from fun to education. Kids will definitely enjoy this.


Weird But True

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