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Europcar app review: vehicle rental of all types 2021



If you've got a particular vehicle rental in mind for your next trip then we've got a car rental for iPhone app that makes it possible to be very specific with your wants.

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The Europcar iPhone app for renting cars allows you to rent all types of cars with this app like trucks and vans too. This is the perfect car renting app to help you with your travel plans so that when you arrive in your destination you know the vehicle you want will be waiting for you.

You'll be able to find rentals in 150 different countries around the world at 10,000 different Europcar stations. Check out our EuropCar app review for more details. 

Europcar - Car and Van Rentals


Supports All Kinds of Vehicle Rentals

The Europcar app makes it possible to find exactly the type of vehicle you want to use on your trip so that transportation isn't an issue. Use this app to book a van, car, or truck at one of the 10,000 Europcar locations around the world.

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Once you book your reservation you'll get a confirmation sent to you by email and SMS so you’ve got it with you. The app is also available in eight different languages just to give you that added versatility.

The app is free to use and was updated earlier this year when a number of changes were made. There were also bug fixes and stability improvements made at the time.

The app has three out of five stars from users who would like to see more effort put into it. Many people have had problems with the app crashing on a regular basis.

Supports All Kinds of Vehicle Rentals image

Provides a Variety of Details

The Europcar app provides you with a variety of details and tools all meant to make the booking process quick and painless.

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You'll be able to view the rates of all the different cars plus the conditions before making your booking, you can make special arrangements such as car seat or GPS navigation system in the car, you can view the special rates that sometimes apply when you prepay with a credit card, and you can check out promotional rates.

Once you make a booking you can go back and view it any time as well as make changes, or even cancel it.

With just a few minor tweaks and fixes this app could be a much stronger offering. It can certainly make the booking experience very quick and ensure that you get what you want in the budget you’re comfortable with.

Provides a Variety of Details image

Europcar - Car and Van Rentals


Pros and Cons


  • The app allows you to book a car, truck, or van
  • View details of the vehicles available including the conditions
  • Make bookings, view them, make changes, and cancel them all from within the app
  • Make special arrangements if needed, such as a car seat


  • The app seems to suffer from some stability issues

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

The Europcar app for your iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone is a simple way to quickly book your car and then go back and check on your reservation any time. The app could do with some minor fixes here and there just to be sure users are getting the best experience possible.

Europcar - Car and Van Rentals

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