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Christmas Activity Book app review: a BabyFirst collection of holiday activities



Christmas Activity Book by BabyFirst is an iPhone and iPad app that includes 15 different activities for your child. From matching to puzzles, and counting to building your child will have lots of different Christmas-themed fun.

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Christmas Activity Book by BabyFirst


Many Activities For Fun

Christmas Activity Book by BabyFirst has many different activities for your child to enjoy. This Christmas themed activity app will be a great compliment to our road trips this holiday season! Some activities include Jingle Bells, puzzles, counting tree lights, matching keys, Deck the Halls, chop the wood, build a snowman, another puzzle collection, dress the bunny, match the present to the child, get the presents to the house, We Wish you a merry Christmas, Up on the Housetop, count the stockings, and a third puzzle collection.

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There are songs to sing with words, and a lot of activities. My girls have only tried it briefly because I want to save it for upcoming road trips, but I can definitely say that they will enjoy this app! I’m only hoping that they won’t fight about it!

Select your activities
Select your activities

Age Apropriate Activities

Christmas Activity Book by BabyFirst is a fun game that is age appropriate as well. The game has songs that are read aloud, not sung, but that doesn’t mean that your child can’t sing. The words are there to begin visual reading, and the puzzles are moderately challenging. Each one has nine pieces, but only one is presented at a time, and the picture is visible for your child to match the piece to.

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I also like that there is counting involved so kids can practice some numeracy. It is fun for kids to count seasonal objects such as the tree lights or the stockings. There are a lot of fun activities to match the number to the objects, the key to the colored present, the present to the child’s colored shirt, and more!

Puzzle fun
Puzzle fun

Christmas Activity Book by BabyFirst


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Great selection of activities
  • Many puzzles for puzzle lovers
  • Songs for song lovers
  • Many different matching activities


  • None found

Present match
Present match

Final Thoughts

Christmas Activity Book by BabyFirst is a fun app for kids to play on the iPhone or iPad. I enjoy holiday apps for kids to play on road trips, and this one has many different activities for kids to play. My girls both love puzzles, and both my two-year-old and six-year-old will be able to enjoy these nine piece puzzles with a slide to place technique. I also enjoy that there are carols to learn, snowmen to build, and so much more! I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who is looking for a holiday activity on the road, or just while waiting in line for a visit with Santa. It’s a fun app with many activities that will interest kids from two right up to about eight years old.


Christmas Activity Book by BabyFirst

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