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Yoga Class app review: perfect for beginners



If you’re looking for a gentle introduction into the world of exercise then you might want to consider downloading Yoga Class - Yoga Exercises for Better Health on your iPad and iPhone as it is designed specifically for beginners.

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Although I don’t have much personal experience with Yoga I think that this is a great idea for an app that should serve complete beginners very well, and I really like the way the content has been laid out in a clear no-nonsense manner.

Yoga Class - Yoga Exercises for Better Health


A Simple Yoga Primer

Making a great entry into the Health & Fitness category is this introduction to Yoga that has been designed for beginners, allowing you to work your way through a series of sessions that gradually increase in difficulty so that you can adapt over time.

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You’ll know exactly what to do with each session because they all come complete with written instructions and vocal guidance. 

A Simple Yoga Primer image

Listen to Your Own Music

Yoga Class - Yoga Exercises for Better Health also features some basic progress tracking tools so that you can stay motivated and keep track of where you are in the program, and if you’re having trouble staying motivated then you can set up some reminders that will hopefully spur you into action!

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What’s more, you can import tracks straight from your iTunes music library in order to enjoy some of your favorite music while you go through the sessions.

Listen to Your Own Music image

Yoga Class - Yoga Exercises for Better Health


Pros & Cons


  • Access a useful introduction to Yoga designed specifically for beginners
  • Enjoy a range of sessions gradually increasing in difficulty as your body adapts
  • Each session includes step-by-step guidance with vocal instructions to help you
  • Keep track of your progress within the app to keep yourself motivated
  • Set up reminders to ensure you always perform your next session on time
  • Import tracks from your iTunes music library to use as background music in your sessions


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

Yoga Class - Yoga Exercises for Better Health for iPhone and iPad is simple in concept and simple in its delivery, and I’m very impressed by how well it caters to beginners.

Yoga Class - Yoga Exercises for Better Health

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