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Steve Cotters Kettlebell Encyclopedia app review: exercise database



Acting as a comprehensive primer into the world of kettlebell training is Steve Cotters Kettlebell Encyclopedia for iPhone and iPad, giving you everything you need (except actual kettlebells) to get going on your new exercise routine.

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I would say that this app is going to provide you with most, if not all of the tools you need to figure out the fundamental kettlebell principles as well as eventually being able to piece together your own workouts by using the exercises contained within.

Steve Cotters Kettlebell Encyclopedia


A Cool Kettlebell Compendium

What we’ve got here is an excellent fitness app that will teach you everything from the basics of kettlebell training to advanced methods, covering things like how to grip kettlebells and how to get the most out of them while training.

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This app comes complete with more than 60 different kettlebell exercises, each of which comes with its own explanation and a visual demonstration courtesy of Steve Cotters so that you know exactly how to perform it.

Kettlebell fitness
Kettlebell fitness

Eight Workouts With Over 60 Exercises

Once you understand the basic concepts in Steve Cotters Kettlebell Encyclopedia you’ll want to move onto the Workouts section; in here you’ll find eight complete sessions focusing on different body parts.

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I think it’s great that there are so many different exercises on offer in this app because once you’re done with the eight pre-defined workouts you can start mixing things up and making sessions based on your own goals.

Exercise demonstrations
Exercise demonstrations

Steve Cotters Kettlebell Encyclopedia


Pros & Cons


  • Learn everything from the basics of kettlebell training to advanced methods
  • Extensively covers every aspect including how to grip and utilize kettlebells effectively
  • Includes more than 60 different kettlebell exercises with detailed explanations
  • Each exercise comes complete with its own visual demonstration to get you up to speed
  • Visit the Workouts section for eight complete sessions focusing on different body parts


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Full screen display
Full screen display

Final Words

If you’re looking for a solid introduction to kettlebell training then Steve Cotters Kettlebell Encyclopedia is definitely the iPhone and iPad app for you.


Steve Cotters Kettlebell Encyclopedia

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