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Blog Docs app review: blog like a true pro



The proper blogging tools can really make a big difference, especially if you want to be able to blog like a pro. The Blog Docs app for your iPad provides you with a user-friendly way to blog both online and offline. The app supports Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress and any other blog that supports email. You can also use this editor with Google Docs. There are so many tools and features built into this one so that your blog will look exactly the way you want it to.

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A Professional Tool

The Blog Docs app comes across as a very professional tool and acts as a Rich Text editor for Google Docs, BLOGA, email signatures, and HTML. You can also upload and edit your Open Office, Microsoft Word, HTML, and Rich Text files. Take advantage of the templates to quickly create cover letters, resumes, invoices, newsletters, and plenty more. In order to allow complete flexibility you can blog online obviously or offline and then post later. As you blog you can use your own handwriting, add backgrounds and images, and draw right on top of images. This could mean you mark up images and picture, underline something, circle something, or whatever you want.

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In its latest update the app has been made compatible with iOS 8 and now supports multiple image insert. Customers have given the app 3.5 out of five stars but haven't made any comments at this time.

There is no shortage of tools and features
There is no shortage of tools and features

Blogging Features and Tools

There are plenty of tools and features built into the Blog Docs app for customers to play around with. One of the most notable ones is the fact you can sync your documents with Google Docs. You can sync your documents so that they're available to you on a number of different devices, you can then view and edit your Google Docs both on your desktop and from the app. You can upload and update documents from other apps, which also means you can open them in other apps. There’s even the ability to export your document to Dropbox so you can use it as a web page.

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Go ahead and draw pictures, write out notes, record audio to upload to Google Docs, and even make use of the built-in web browser that the app offers. The list of features in this app is much too long to mention and at times this almost feels like the app's downfall. This offering doesn't always feel user-friendly nor is it easy to navigate.

Draw right on the blog
Draw right on the blog

Pros and Cons


  • The app offers a large selection of tools
  • The app syncs with Google Docs so your content can be accessed on various devices
  • Blog online and offline (publish when you’re online next)
  • Add hand written notes, photos, and even audio


  • There are so many tools and features that this app feels a bit confusing at times

Insert pictures and videos
Insert pictures and videos

Final Thoughts

The Blog Docs app for your iPad can certainly help you with your blogging needs but this one definitely takes some getting used to.


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