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Frog on a Log app review: a hilarious, quirky game!



If you're looking to expand your gaming options on the iPhone or iPad, Frog on a Log is one that might be worth checking out.

This is a 2D game where you're the frog, and you're floating on a log along a river. You must jump up to catch the bugs and earn points, avoiding birds of prey and grabbing those power-ups that fly past.

This app can be downloaded from the Games section of the App Store, where it is available completely free of charge.

Let's take a look at the gameplay.

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Frog on a Log


Jump Or Sink!

Frog on a Log takes up just 6.1 MB of space on your iPhone or iPad. This lightweight game functions smoothly and swiftly, and has very simple controls. All you have to do is tap, or hold and tap! The former makes the frog jump, while the latter makes your frog jump higher! As you hold down before releasing, the frog will power up, and turn yellow, and then red.

You also must jump frequently, because the log on which the frog is standing cannot stay afloat for too long!

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Catch perks
Catch perks


Jumping up is also tricky. There are birds of prey flying past, and you must avoid them, because if you happen to collide, you will lose a life! Thankfully, there are alerts a few moments prior to the birds' appearance.

Bugs of various types are also flying past, and catching them will award you with points. Other flying objects include shields to make you invincible, a clock that will slow down time, more lives, and score multipliers.

When you have used up all your lives, the game is over, and a hilarious music clip plays, which almost makes up for the disappointment of the loss!

This app also has Game Center integration so you can show off your scores or challenge your friends.

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Hold and release!
Hold and release!

Frog on a Log


Pros & Cons


  • Fun, colorful game
  • Free and lightweight
  • Game Center integration


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Watch out!
Watch out!

Final Words

Frog on a Log is a cute and highly addictive game that will entertain you for hours! It's worth having on your iPhone or iPad when you want to have some fun.


Frog on a Log

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