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Endless Wordplay app review: a great game to help your child learn to read and spell 2021



Endless Wordplay is an iPhone learning to read app in the form of an educational game for kids to play on their iDevice.

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This good learning to read app for iPhone and iPad is for children aged 4-7 and practices three letter rhyming words to construct pages of a story.

For more details on this learning to read app, check out our Endless Wordplay app review below.

Endless Wordplay


Practice Words in a Fun Game

Endless Wordplay is a learning game that allows children aged four to seven to practice their words with spelling, rhyming, and repetition of sounds. The game is organized in a fun robot style, with a flashing light up mouth where the letters appear.

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Each word first appears as a whole, then the letters shuffle into a scramble of multicolored letters for your child to reposition on the squares. Initially, the letters are embossed on the white tiles for your child to match, but as the game progresses, this hint fades and your child must simply remember where the letters in the words go.

When your child gets the hang of it, you can move further into the game. The words each rhyme, so your child can look up to the previous word for a hint as to what the last letters are. There are also audio cues in the repetition of the words being spoken.

Learning Style

Endless Wordplay uses repetition to teach your child short there letter words. Sight words are the foundation of learning to read, and this game makes sure that kids are learning a few sight words at a time. Children aged four to seven are little sponges.

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When they journey though this game, little by little they collect pages of the story to tell, and because they have been practicing the words, they will also be able to read them back!

I gave this game to my daughter to have a try, and at six, she loved filling in the words and being rewarded with the story pages. She's been doing well with her sight words, and this game added a few more to her working reading memory.

Endless Wordplay


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Rhyming words to help with retaining
  • Previous word stays on the screen for reference
  • Earn pages of the story to encourage further play


  • None found

Final Thoughts

Endless Wordplay is a great educational game to introduce sight words to your four to seven year old child. Using rhyming and repetition to reinforce learning, collection of story pages to encourage continued play and thought this learning, this game is well thought out and constructed.

The elements are fun, the colors are bright and catchy, and the play is easy to follow. Overall, a well-constructed game that I would definitely recommend for those looking to expand sight words thought spelling and reading.

Endless Wordplay

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