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Dash Down Not Up app review: how low do you think you can go?



We've got a simple question for you: how low can you go? No we're not talking about a game of limbo, we're talking about the new Dash Down Not Up app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone. This is an arcade-style game that offers intense fast-paced action where you need to move down on the screen rather than the typical upwards motion. You and your friends will quickly become addicted to this simple offering and because you can share your high scores on social media you're in for some real competition.

Dash Down Not Up


Any Age Can Play

The Dash Down Not Up app can be played by any age group and because there are no confusing rules or game controls everyone can have fun. You need to move down in this arcade game and there are always obstacles that are trying to thwart your progress. Your high scores can be shared on Facebook and Twitter so you can prove who reigns supreme among your friends. When you launch the game you are given the brief instructions; it’s literally touch the screen to go left or right, and then you’re set to play.

The app is free to play and because this is still a fairly new offering there are no updates as of yet. The app doesn't have a customer rating but there are already a number of very positive comments from players. It seems they are loving the addictive nature of the game, the fact that it works on speeding up your reflexes, and that it's so easy to understand.

Work your way down through the puzzles
Work your way down through the puzzles

Simple Doesn’t Mean Easy

It’s important to note that the word "simple" shouldn’t be confused with "easy" when it comes to gameplay. Yes the rules are simple, yes the game controls are simple, but actually succeeding and getting far in this game is a whole other story and takes plenty of mastering. It’s truly a test of your reflexes because you need to be fast right from the start. If you hesitate at all it’s Game Over for you.

As fun as the game is there are also a few negatives. The game is actually supported by ads and you’ll come across plenty of pop-ups, the graphics are extremely simplistic, and the sound effects really don’t add to the game in the least. These are some areas that could definitely use some attention.

Share your high scores on social media
Share your high scores on social media

Dash Down Not Up


Pros and Cons


  • The game can be played by all age groups
  • The game controls are smooth and responsive
  • Share your high scores on Facebook and Twitter
  • The game is fun, addictive, and very challenging


  • The app is supported by ads
  • The graphic and sound effects aren’t very engaging

Addictive gameplay
Addictive gameplay

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a casual game the Dash Down Not Up app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is one you could really get lost in quite easily. It’s pure simplicity is what makes it so addictive and fun.


Dash Down Not Up

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