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EasyMeasure app review: measure with your iPhone's camera 2021



EasyMeasure - Measure with your Camera! is a measurement app for iPhone that will help you measure the distance from your phone to the point of interest such as a lamp post, golf flag, and more.

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This measuring app for iPhone is useful for figuring out how much edging you need in your garden, which club to use while golfing, and so much more.

For more details on this iPhone measurement app, check out our EasyMeasure app review below.



How Tall, How Far, How Wide

EasyMeasure uses the Pythagorean Theorem to discern how far the building is, how tall the tree is, and so on. When you calibrate your device, you must enter your height minus 10 centimeters or four inches.

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Most people hold their phone approximately this far from their full height when looking at their screen, and the remaining calculations are based on the angle of your phone.

Given that you have the height and two angles, the triangle can be completed, and the sides of the triangle solved. This is genius. When I entered my height, I was told the margin of error was approximately 50cm based on the variance of holding my phone to my height.

I took the app out for a stroll, and measured how far it was to the next fire hydrant, the next corner, how tall my house is, and more fun measurements. It was a great treasure hunt of sorts, and my son really enjoyed playing with it.

How Tall, How Far, How Wide image

Additional Features with Upgrade

EasyMeasure can be used to measure how wide an object is such as a couch if you purchase the full version.

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Alternatively, if you aren’t shy about doing your own math, you can stand still and measure from your place to the one corner and then the other corner. This would not give a right angled triangle, so there would be more math this way.

Additionally in the upgraded version for $2.99, you can take dynamic photos and adapt measurements after the photo is taken; the ads are also removed.

I also want to mention the features at the top of the screen. There is a zoom window option so you can make sure you get the base of the building or object you are measuring. This is handy for really far objects. You can adjust the grid lines from many to few to off as well.

If you want a more clean measurement then you can do that but if you want the markers then you can leave the grid lines on too.

The center arrows are the upgrade button, and the ruler changes the measurement from inches to centimeters. If you’re doing your measuring in the dark, you can also use the sun to turn on your LED for a flashlight!

Additional Features with Upgrade image



Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Fun measuring
  • Uses the Pythagorean theorem to calculate distance and height
  • Easily switches between centimeters and inches


  • None found

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

EasyMeasure - Measure with your Camera! is an iPhone and iPad measureing app that allows you to calculate the distance from you to the next building, golf hole, and more.

It is practical as well as fun to play with and I enjoyed trying out this app. Overall, it's well-developed, and I enjoyed the informative video explaining how it works.


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