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LogicCity Jr app review: give kids a challenge



Instead of your kids playing the same mindless games over and over again why not give them a bit of a challenge? The LogicCity Jr app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is meant for kids ages six through 12 and provides them with a fun challenge. The skill that they will be working on is logic as they try to fill the game grid with shapes. Parents will know that the game will keep their kids busy of course but will also keep their minds busy in a productive way.

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LogicCity Jr


A Child-Friendly Experience

Because this game has been made for kids, LogicCity Jr provides a completely kid-friendly experience from start to finish. There are no external links, no in-app purchases necessary, no collection of personal information, and no ads. Parents can hand this app over to kids with full confidence knowing there won’t be anything inappropriate that they can access. In this game of logic kids need to fill the game board, which is a grid, with shapes. The catch is that they shapes can't be repeated in a column or row, which makes it comparable to Sudoku in that sense. It's not just the shapes that need to be "managed," but the colors as well.

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The app was recently updated with instructions on gameplay so kids aren't left confused. It scores really high with users who have given it five out of five stars. Parents have commented on how great of a challenge this offers, how fun it is, and the fact it helps to build their kids' attention span and focus.

A clean game board/grid
A clean game board/grid

Solve the Puzzle

It's time to solve the puzzle in the LogicCity Jr game. All of the puzzles have been created by a professional with experience writing math curriculum books that had a strong emphasis on problem-solving. Even though the app has been created for kids, adults can certainly play as well and will likely find it just as challenging as the kids do. In fact your little one may solve the puzzle before you do! The puzzles also increase in difficulty as you progress through the levels.

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The user interface is smooth and without any issues and kids can easily navigate the app on their own. Because the game is quite simple when it comes to the rules, the game board manages to stay clean and uncluttered.

You'll need logic to solve these puzzles
You'll need logic to solve these puzzles

LogicCity Jr


Pros and Cons


  • The game is ideal for kids ages six through 12 but older kids and even adults can still play
  • The rules are very easy to understand
  • The game board/grid is clean and uncluttered
  • The puzzles increase in difficulty as you work through the levels
  • The game controls are smooth and responsive


  • This kind of offering may not appeal to all kids


Final Thoughts

The LogicCity Jr app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a great way to sharpen kids’ logic skills in an engaging way. The app is kid-friendly yet offers enough of a challenge that even adults will want to play.


LogicCity Jr

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