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Swingcal app review: a contact book based on your calendar



We've come across an app that really streamlines the whole connection between your contacts and your calendar. The Swingcal app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and offers users a unique experience. This app is a contact-centric calendar offering that even enables your ability to call and message right from the app. This offering can help you be more productive than ever before, save you time and hassle, and is very simple to use.

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Save Steps and Be Productive

The Swingcal app essentially saves you steps from having to move from one app to the next and allows you to be productive in a more efficient way. Use this app as your go-to calendar and know that it will always take your contacts into consideration. Most people have events in their calendar that involve a friend, family member, or co-worker, so the app is able to connect this and let you quickly send a message to the contact, call them, or check your history with them, all from within the app. The app can also work with the Swingmail app that is all about your past communication and Swingbook which is about who you need to contact at the moment. These apps all work hand-in-hand with one another in a seamless way.

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The app requires iOS 7.0 or later to use and was recently updated with minor enhancements and bug fixes. There is no customer rating at this time; nor are there any customer comments.

A unique way to look at your calendar
A unique way to look at your calendar

Using the App

The Swingcal app has plenty of focus on offering users a clean and simple tool. Unlike some calendar apps that can end up looking cluttered and have too much content, this one takes the approach of "less is more." Those low-priority events and appointments won't be messing up your calendar. While this app is not able to replace all other calendar apps it may be exactly what you'd prefer to use. Keep in mind this is a simple offering so it’s not going to be ideal for some users.

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Some of the features here include being able to message and call a contact right from within the app with a simple swipe on the screen, the app actually talks to your inboxes to get ahold of correspondences, and it only shows future and past agendas that are one week away in order to keep things uncluttered.

Send a message or call a contact from within the app
Send a message or call a contact from within the app



Pros and Cons


  • The app features a beautiful streamlined user interface
  • You will only be able to view one week in advance or future to keep things clean
  • Call and message contacts from within the app
  • The app takes a look at your events from a contacts point of view


  • This isn’t able to replace all other calendar apps, this is more of a secondary tool

Swingcal screenshot
Swingcal screenshot

Final Thoughts

The Swingcal app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone takes a unique approach to scheduling. While this one may not replace your current calendar app it certainly offers you a different take on how you use your calendar.



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