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Memorado app review: strengthen your brain 2021



Memorado Brain Game is an iPhone and iPad brain app based on 300 scientific research projects to help your brain get the exercise it needs to stay sharp.

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This iPhone brain app can help you remember new names, understand new topics faster, and make fewer errors under pressure. The Memorado IQ test app helps you to get better at mental math, understand complex issues in detail, and more.

Let's see what else is offered in this top brain app for iPhone and iPad, as we dive deeper in our Memorado app review.

GEIST (Memorado): Brain & Mind


Strengthen Your Brain

Memorado - Brain Games is based on the concept that if you don’t use your brain, you will lose your sharpness.

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It helps you to remember new names, understand new topics faster, make fewer errors under pressure, get better at mental math, understand complex issues in detail, stick to to-do lists, improve reactions when on the spot, avoid distractions, stay calm in hectic situations, and improve multi-tasking.

Memorado achieves this through logic, memory, and other activities. Initially, you are set off on an adventure to train your memory, and as you run out of the free trial that’s where they rope you into the monthly or yearly fee.

While I appreciate all the work that goes into these apps for the developers, I would love to see one that is actually free. So far all of the ones I’ve tested are free trial and then subscription, not even one-time fee.

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Memorado - Brain Games is very fun to play. I enjoyed testing it out while doing activities similar to those you would find in an IQ test. There is a sequencing game called Stepping Stones.

In it, you must tap back the stones in the order from least to greatest. Initially there are only two or three stones, and as you progress the stones increase. They also go from following direct sequence such as 1, 2, 3 to more complex ordering such as 1, 9, 10, 22, 25 and so on.

I was only able to do a couple of rounds before my free trial ran out, but what I saw was crisp graphics, a smooth interface, and a great selection of brain stimulating games.

I love memory match games, and Power Memory, a game where you have to tap the squares that were green, was similar to this and would help a great range of people to improve their memory skills.

There is also a logic game that I tried called Painted Path. I am horrible with logic. I did my best with this, but by the third step I was messing up already! Clearly I could use some more practice with this!

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GEIST (Memorado): Brain & Mind


Pros & Cons


  • Free trial
  • Lots of great games to stimulate your brain
  • Lots of learning as well as retraining


  • Expensive monthly subscription or yearly subscription rather than a one-time fee

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Final Thoughts

Memorado - Brain Games is an iPhone and iPad game that will help you to strengthen your brain to be quicker, have a better memory, and be more precise with your logic.

I enjoyed testing it out, and would recommend it to anyone who can afford the monthly or yearly subscription. It is fun to play, well-designed, and with all the work put into it, will definitely help you strengthen your brain.

GEIST (Memorado): Brain & Mind

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