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A+ Glow Doodle app review: fun doodling



A+ Glow Doodle is the ideal iPhone and iPad app to download if you want to create a little magic with your fingers over the holiday season as it offers a vibrant glow brush that will turn your ordinarily scribbles into dynamically iridescent doodles!

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I love simple apps like this that you can simply start up and start playing around with right away while seeing what kind of quirky effects you can come up with. This is well worth downloading if you’re looking for an artsy app with a fun attitude.

A+ Glow Doodle


Set Your Fingers Ablaze

I’m not quite sure why this app has been placed into the Productivity category of the App Store but I suppose you will be able to produce some interesting doodles with some of the features on offer.

The best iPad apps for painting and sketching

There are three brush types to choose from, which are glow, finger, and line, and with these you can pick a range of different colors including bold primary colors and crayon-style pastel shades.

Make your art glow
Make your art glow

Make Your Images Glow

The defining feature of A+ Glow Doodle is obviously the glow brush, hence its name, and this is where you’ll really be able to bring your images to life with pretty light effects.

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What’s more, you can import images straight from your iOS device’s Camera Roll, making it very easy to jazz up your photos will your own luminous doodles!

Gorgeous crayon colors
Gorgeous crayon colors

A+ Glow Doodle


Pros & Cons


  • Create fun flamboyant doodles with your fingers
  • Features the gorgeous glow brush that will bring your images to life with light effects
  • Choose from glow, finger, and line brushes depending on the effect you’re after
  • Choose from a range of colors and crayon-style colors
  • Import images from your Camera Roll to paint over them
  • Save your creations directly to your iOS device’s Camera Roll 


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Enhance your photos
Enhance your photos

Final Words

A+ Glow Doodle is a very fun creative app for iPhone and iPad that is sure to keep you occupied for a while if you have a more artistic mind.


A+ Glow Doodle

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