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mDecks Ear Training 1 app review: become more in-tune



If you are a music student, part of a band or choir, or you just enjoy creating music, then this next app can act as the perfect training tool. The mDecks Ear Training 1 app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone takes the approach that it's better to play what you hear rather than to hear what it is you're playing. The app helps to train your ear so that you can find that correct sound quickly and easily. The app takes its own unique approach to learning and offers a fully immersive experience.

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mDecks Ear Training 1


Listen and Learn

Here’s your chance to listen and learn with the mDecks Ear Training 1 app. The way this app works is that you will be listening for the correct sound in a set that can contain up to six options. This is how you train your ear and over time you'll be able to pick up on those sounds faster and easier. The musical elements are presented in context and alone to ensure you fully hear what it is you are meant to. If you want you can also view the music notation which puts to use music theory knowledge. It's the perfect app for music students and musicians looking to brush up on their skills.

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The app was just recently updated with a minor bug fix. It doesn't have any customer comments or a customer rating at this point.

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Digging Deeper into the Experience

As we dig deeper into the learning experience it's obvious that the mDecks Ear Training 1 app takes things very seriously. With this app you can use it in free study mode or guided study mode, plus endurance mode, and two different play modes. The idea is that by offering these different approaches you'll get a better understanding and learning experience. Users can control the volume balance, turn the music notation on or off, view their statistics, and check out the wave string.

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The app focuses on three areas: sevenths, triads, and intervals. There are six stages in total and each stage has six levels. This means you will work from being a beginner all the way to a master by the time you are finished. There are actually over 120 sets of exercises. The user interface has a really cool look to it, it almost feels classical and ancient. It's a beautiful way to train your ear.

Digging Deeper into the Experience image

mDecks Ear Training 1


Pros and Cons


  • The app offers more than 120 sets of exercises
  • You will start as a beginner and work your way to a master of sound
  • This app is ideal for music students
  • The user interface has a cool classical vibe
  • You can view your statistics to see how well you’re doing as you train your ear


  • There is nothing negative to say

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Final Thoughts

The mDecks Ear Training 1 app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is ideal for anyone who is studying music and needs to be able to train their ear.

mDecks Ear Training 1

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