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Fairy Tales app review: step into an interactive world 2021



Give your kids the chance not to just hear about fairy tales but to actually step into a whole other world. The Fairy Tales app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is an interactive 3D pop-up book experience that will draw them into the story in a really fun way.

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Kids will be able to enjoy three free books that are filled with interactive 3D elements. Even if your child isn't big on reading this iPhone fairy tales app is a way to make it feel more engaging and almost like a movie.

Keep reading our Fairy Tales app review for more details about the features and functions of this app. After you download and check it out, let us know if you think it's one of the good fairy tales apps for iPhone and iPad.

Fairy Tales ~ Bedtime Stories


An Engaging Reading Experience

The Fairy Tales app doesn’t provide kids with a typical run-of-the-mill reading experience; instead, thanks to all the 3D interactive elements this app feels more like a movie. Kids will love reading through these classic fairy tales.

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As mentioned they are given three books for free. There are eight fairy tales in total and you can purchase the additional ones. The app has been made for kids ages five and under and features the story as well as mini-games to give more depth to each tale.

The app is free to use but keep in mind you are only given three books for free. This is a brand-new release so it doesn't have any updates, a customer rating, or customer comments at this time.

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A Number of Classics

With the Fairy Tales app you'll be able to enjoy eight classic tales which are Cinderella, The Princess and the Pea (this one is free), Mother Snow, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Enormous Turnip, The Three Spinners, The Three Little Pigs, and The World and the Seven Little Kids.

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Each of the stories is loaded with interactive 3D scenes that pop up and seem to come alive on the screen. The app is Christmas-themed, making it ideal for this time of year.

There are mini-games, a "holiday gift" for kids, and the app is child-friendly, meaning there is nothing they can get into that they shouldn't be in. The stories themselves are even narrated by professional narrators for that polished sound.

Kids will absolutely love the graphics in these stories that are often more engaging than the original ones were. Because these classics are being offered as an app there is the opportunity to add modern touches to them and make them feel more current.

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Fairy Tales ~ Bedtime Stories


Pros and Cons


  • You are given three free stories to enjoy
  • Each story features a variety of interactive 3D pop-up elements
  • The stories are all professionally narrated
  • There are mini games for kids to play
  • The experience is polished, engaging, and most of all, fun


  • You’ll have to purchase any additional stories

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Final Thoughts

The Fairy Tales app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone gives kids a chance to become acquainted with the classics in a fun and interactive way. The graphics and narration are both really well-done, making for a great customer experience.

Fairy Tales ~ Bedtime Stories

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