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PlayBuzz app review: a huge collection of quizzes for your enjoyment



PlayBuzz is a survey app for iPhone and iPad that allows you to select from hundreds of new items posted every day. The content is created by users as well as PlayBuzz’s network of partners to help you get a well-rounded experience.

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Quizzes Galore

PlayBuzz is a quiz app full of many different topics. From personality quizzes to trivia and lists, you can find a quiz for pretty much anything! You can select from pop, fun, geek, community, quizzes, and personality tests sorted into categories for easier browsing and finding. I tried out a few of the quizzes, such as ‘What Should You Wear,’ and was pleasantly surprised when the result was the realistic and non-influential Anything you want!.

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If you’ve taken a bunch of quizzes and are running out, then you can sort on the main page into Latest Entries and PlayBuzz Picks. This is handy so that you’re not always seeing the same quizzes, and not always having to scroll past them to get where you want to be in the list.

Quizzes Galore image

Some Examples

PlayBuzz has many different topics and many different quizzes within those topics. Some examples in the Latest Entries section for today were: do you have star quality or the look at me syndrome, can we guess which American accent you actually have, which teacher stereotype are you, how well do you know these Christmas songs, and which Christmas gift are you.

The best trivia apps for iPhone and iPad

For the fun of it, I clicked on the Christmas song quiz which is under "community." I apparently know my Christmas songs really well because I managed to score 5/5! I remember when I was a teen and would subscribe to magazines, that I would go through all the quizzes, tally up my answers, and see if the quiz had any interesting results. Usually, the quiz was just for fun, and you have to keep that in mind for this app too. That being said, if you enjoyed your quizzes, or still do, then this is a whole app designed with you in mind!

Some Examples image



Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Lots of different quizzes of lots of different topics to keep you entertained and give insight
  • Sorts into categories for easier interest searching
  • Sorts into latest entries and PlayBuzz favorites for your enjoyment


  • Can't sort into the categories within the latest entries or PlayBuzz favorites

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

PlayBuzz is an iPhone and iPad quiz app full of fun multiple choice style quizzes that will have you laughing, thinking, and even changing things for the better. The app is well-designed, has a smooth interface, and sorts into categories for easier interest finding. Overall, if you are a quiz loving person, then you’ll have a great time with this app, and I would recommend it to this type of person any day.


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