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Celtx Shots app review: in need of iOS 7 and 8 updates 2021



Any serious screenwriter is going to need a way of storyboarding their ideas, and with Celtx Shots movie maker app on your iPhone and iPad you’ll have everything you need to make rough sketches and start piecing your ideas together.

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I really like this Celtx storyboarding movie making app but I’d like to point out that it appears to be in need of an update because there are some compatibility issues with iOS 7 and 8; for some this has lead to intermittent crashing and a temperamental interface.

Let's examine this scriptwriting app for making movies further and see if it's one of the good movie making apps that will bring your creativity to light. 

Celtx Shots


Hash Out Your Ideas

What we have here is a highly useful app in the Productivity category of the App Store that has been designed to provide screenwriters with sketching, lighting, and prop setup tools to storyboard script ideas.

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This is a great way of fleshing out your ideas in a more visual medium, and you can even import images from your device’s Camera Roll to use as scenes in your storyboard, so if you know the cast you’re working with this could work very well.

Hash Out Your Ideas image

Includes Pre-Defined Clipart

Celtx Shots allows you to specify information such as the camera, actor, and equipment setups, and it also comes equipped with 81 pre-defined clipart images to help you get started. More are available via in-app purchase.

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Once your storyboard is complete, or if you want to collaborate with others, you can share it with others online via iTunes file sharing, or from directly within the app with people who are using the same interface.

Includes Pre-Defined Clipart image

Celtx Shots


Pros & Cons


  • Use handy sketching, lighting, and prop setup to storyboard your script ideas
  • Import images from your device’s Camera Roll to use as scenes in your storyboard
  • Specify camera, actor, and equipment setup
  • Includes 81 pre-defined clipart images to help you get started
  • Share your storyboards with other Celtx users from within the app
  • Share your storyboards with others online via iTunes file sharing
  • Share individual sketches from your storyboards via email in .SVG, .PDF, and .PNG file formats


  • In need of iOS 7 and 8 optimization

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

Celtx Shots is well-designed and with a few tweaks for greater iOS 8 compatibility it could certainly become a more popular iPhone and iPad app. 

Celtx Shots

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