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QuickBooks Online app review: world class bookkeeping 2021



QuickBooks Online is the powerful pint-sized bookkeeping app version of QuickBooks, offering you a plethora of great accounting features on your iPhone and iPad to help you keep your books in order a little more conveniently.

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If you run a small business and want a handy tool to keep your financial affairs in order then you’ll definitely benefit from using this bookkeeping app for iPhone; it won’t completely replace the need for a desktop application but it will certainly help.

Is this the top bookkeeping iPhone app? Well, check out our QuickBooks app review to find out.

QuickBooks Accounting


Quote and Invoice Your Customers

What we have here is an excellent addition to the Business category of the App Store that you can use to keep your company finances in order, with features allowing you to record your expenses and income to ensure your books are always balanced.

Best iphone and ipad apps

This app also allows you to create customer invoices and then send them via email, or alternatively you can send estimates and quotes to your customers before quickly converting them into invoices in one fell swoop.

Quote and Invoice Your Customers image

Professional Accounting

QuickBooks Online makes it very easy for you to track your sales and keep an eye on your outstanding payments to see if anything is overdue, and you can attach documents such as receipts, contracts, invoices, and so on for even further detail.

All in all I’d say the developer has done a good job of porting some of the QuickBooks functionality to iOS format so if you want an app to compliment to primary software then I think you’ll find this to be well up to the task.

Professional Accounting image

QuickBooks Accounting


Pros & Cons


  • Keep your company finances in order with this pint-sized version of QuickBooks
  • Record your expenses and income to ensure your books are balanced
  • Create customer invoices and send them via email
  • Send estimates and quotes to your customers and quickly make an invoice from them if approved
  • Track your sales and whether or not payment has been received
  • Monitor your customer billing cycles so you can chase up overdue payments
  • Attach documents to your entries such as receipts, contracts, invoices, and so on
  • Scan documents within the app by using your device’s integrated camera


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

QuickBooks Online for iPhone and iPad is a very professionally developed financial app for small business, earning it a solid recommendation from me. o access the benefits of both QuickBooks Online and Desktop it is recommended to try out QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud Hosting based on desktop as a service technology.

QuickBooks Accounting

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