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Teacher's Pet app review: your virtual assistant



Teachers are some of the very busiest people out there and with that said, we've come across an app that can make their job a little smoother and easier. The Teacher's Pet app for your iPad provides you with a virtual teaching assistant that makes it possible to plan, prepare, and even present your lessons with ease. This app can be used by teachers of all grades who are looking for a way to streamline and simplify their process.

The best iPad apps for teachers

Teacher's Pet


Take Advantage of Digital Tools

Apps can come in handy for all kinds of reasons and helping you in the workplace is one of them. The Teacher’s Pet app has been designed specifically for teachers to help them plan, prepare, and present their lessons. The grade that you teach doesn’t matter, nor does the subject matter you are planning a lesson for. The app is versatile and works for your needs. You'll be able to plan your lessons by subject, grade, or date, send your lesson plan to other teachers, and also save it to your calendar. You can prepare for the lesson further by making use of the interactive white board and the ability to make notes. You can present your lesson by using the app and showing the content through an overhead with a VGA connector, or even easier by AppleTV wirelessly.

The best iPad apps for teachers

The app hasn't been updated in over a year but that certainly hasn't hurt it where the customer ratings are concerned. The app currently has a perfect five star rating from users who love the ease of use, the functionality it offers, and the tools built-in.

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Navigating the App

The Teacher's Pet app features a clean and fun user interface that makes planning and presenting your lessons a breeze. One of the stand out features in the app is the Interactive WhiteBoard that allows you to import information to it and then you can email or print the content if you like. Another cool feature is the ability to import content right to your students' mobile devices such as text, audio, pictures, flash cards, and video. Use the calendar to schedule lessons, meetings, when the grades are due, test dates, and more. This really does modernize how teachers plan and present lessons.

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Because this feels like such a modern and engaging approach you may even find that you capture the attention of your students easier and for longer periods of time.

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Teacher's Pet


Pros and Cons


  • The user interface is simple to navigate
  • Plan, prepare, and present your lessons
  • Import content right to the mobile devices of your students
  • Present your lessons through wireless AirPlay or overhead with a VGA connector
  • Make use of the NoteBoard and the Interactive WhiteBoard


  • The app could do with some minor updates and refreshing just to keep it current

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Final Words

The Teacher’s Pet app for your iPad is a great way to approach your lesson plans and presentations thanks to the variety of user-friendly tools.

Teacher's Pet

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