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Radio Locator app review: find all the local stations



Do you enjoy tuning into local radio stations but don't necessarily know all the ones in your area? The Radio Locator app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone helps you find all the local stations and then connects you to their online feeds.

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This radio app is a great way to discover new favorite stations and listen to the music you love no matter where you happen to be. The local radio stations app uses your current location to give you the information you need, which makes it great even if you're in different cities.

It's a very handy local radio app and perfect for travelers or people moving to new cities. Continu reading our review to see if this app to find local radio stations is the best option for you.

Radio Locator


Find the Perfect Station

The Radio Locator app makes it possible for you to find the best station no matter where you are. Its' database has more than 1,500 streams across 15,600 US stations. The app is constantly being updated as well so that all the FCC acknowledged stations are either removed or added.

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The way the app works is that it uses your current location and then provides you with a list of radio stations that offer live streams. It also provides you with information about the station such as its name, frequency, genre, website, and phone number. The app takes away all the hassle from you trying to find the information on your own.

In the app's recent update there were bug fixes made along with some general improvements. The app currently has 3.5 out of five stars from users but as you search through the customer comments there seem to be some bugs and issues with the app working properly.

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How to Use the App

The Radio Locator app is simple to use in a sense that it finds local radio stations with ease. You can use your current location to search or if you'd rather you can search by zip code or city. A handy feature is the fact it can find local stations without the need for an Internet connection.

When your results show up you can filter them by frequency, stream availability, or genre. Use can sync radio stations to your favorites by using iCloud and you can even search iTunes and YouTube for whatever the song is that is currently being streamed. The app is able to stream in the background so you can also go about other things on your device.

I find the app to be really cool and fun but obviously it needs a bit of stability improvements in order to become a strong offering.

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Radio Locator


Pros and Cons


  • The app offers you a list of all the local radio stations that stream online
  • Connect to the live streams through the app
  • View information on each of the stations
  • There is no need for an Internet connection to find local stations


  • There are a lot of stability issues with the app

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Final Thoughts

The Radio Locator app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone offers users the ability to find local radio stations and connect to their live streams. This one needs some minor improvements in order to be a more stable offering.

Radio Locator

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