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Roundme app review: create amazing spaces



Roundme is a beautiful and engaging app for iPhone and iPad that utilizes your device’s built-in camera to help you create panoramic scenes or ‘spaces’ that you can then share with the rich online community of budding photographers and enthusiasts.

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My photography skills leave a lot to be desired, so I’ve been awestruck by the quality of what some of the users on this app are capable of producing; immersive images that you feel you could almost step into!



Share Your Favorite Spaces

What we’ve got here is an utterly astounding addition to the Photo & Video category of the App Store that utilizes your device’s integrated camera to help you create amazing panoramic images in a social media platform.

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This app allows you to combine videos, images, and text to document your travels, work life, and personal aspirations, and adding location data to your entries allows you to let others know what to expect before visiting all manner of locations.

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Suitable for a Very Wide Audience

Roundme is ideal for everyone from backpackers to interior decorators, architects, and restaurateurs, and you’ll have a lot of fun sharing your panoramas with others online in the Roundme community.

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This app has a great deal of potential, and the way everything has been presented is polished and professional, earning Roundme a massive recommendation from me.

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Pros & Cons


  • Use your device’s integrated camera to create amazing panoramic images
  • Share your favorite panoramic spaces with other users on the Roundme community
  • Create your own profile and interact with other users to see their great work
  • View geotagged entries to get a genuine feel for foreign lands and obscure locations
  • Combine videos, images, and text to document your travels, work life, and personal aspirations


  • There is nothing negative‚Äč to say about this app

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

Roundme is nothing short of amazing; I know panoramic photography is nothing new but the way the developer has turned it into an engaging social media experience makes this a truly must-have iPhone and iPad app.


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