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Squack app review: where have YOU been?



Hikers, backpackers, trail riders, and anyone who loves to get about a lot will have an absolute field day with Squack (literally and figuratively!) with a whole new way of documenting your exploits and inspiring others to travel.

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The idea behind this app is that the whole world is split up into 500 million 1 km2 squares, and by using your device’s built-in GPS you can collect these squares by, well, traveling to their location.



Travel the World

The more locations you visit, the more squares you’ll be able to amass, and the more your Squack score is going to increase. The concept is very simple but it should inspire a great many people to get out and about, even if it is only in their local neighborhood.

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There are loads of apps that allow you to document your travels in a social media format by writing about your experiences, but with this app you can literally show every single square kilometer you’ve seen!

Cover the whole map
Cover the whole map

How Many Squares Can You Collect?

Squack also features its own online community, and joining it means that you’ll be able to share your scores and see who has collected the most squares; you might be surprised by just how adventurous some people are!

What’s more, if you upgrade to the full version of this app you can easily back up your records on the developer’s cloud server, enabling you to access your Squack score and records from any iOS device.

Collect your squares
Collect your squares



Pros & Cons


  • See how many squares you can visit in a single lifetime
  • Splits the world up into 500 million 1 km2 squares that you can collect on your travels
  • Integrates with your device’s GPS to help you accurately document where you’ve been
  • Quickly and easily log into the service with your Facebook account (optional)
  • Join the online Squack community to share your scores and see who has collected the most squares
  • Upgrade to the full version of this app to easily back up your records on the developer’s cloud server


  • There is nothing ‚Äčnegative to say about this app

How far can you go
How far can you go

Final Words

Squack is a wonderful idea for an iPhone and iPad that I’m hoping will inspire people to get out and see new and interesting places.



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