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Highway Lodging app review: rest on the road



Highway Lodging is a very nifty app for iPhone and iPad that will make long car rides a whole lot more bearable by allowing you to quickly and easily find a place to stop to refuel and get some food in your belly.

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Sometimes knowing when the next stop will be can make long-distance driving far more tolerable, and it also helps to keep the kids a little quieter if they know when you will next be stopping to pick up some snacks!

Highway Lodging


GPS Integration

With this great little app on your iOS device you’ll never be short of somewhere to eat or sleep while you’re on the road as it enables you to use your device’s integrated GPS to find businesses in your vicinity.

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You can narrow your searches based on the amount of time left until you reach a certain point, so if you want something that is, say, 20 minutes away, then this will be displayed on a map based on your current speed and direction.

Take a break
Take a break

Pace Your Journeys

The fact that all of the directions in Highway Lodging are displayed on a map makes it very easy for you to find your way to establishments in neighborhoods you’re not familiar with, and you can also read reviews before making your decision to ensure you find some place decent.

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This is a great idea for an app that has been very well-executed, so kudos to the developer for a job well-done and a big recommendation from me!

View nearby stops
View nearby stops

Highway Lodging


Pros & Cons


  • Never be short of somewhere to eat or sleep while you’re on the road
  • Use your device’s integrated GPS to find businesses in your vicinity
  • Search for establishments based on the time it would take to get there
  • View detailed directions displayed on a map for easy navigation
  • Time estimates are based on your current speed and direction
  • Read user-submitted reviews for businesses close to the your current location


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Reviews, directions, and more
Reviews, directions, and more

Final Words

Highway Lodging is definitely worth downloading onto your iPhone and iPad if you have a big road trip coming up as it will help you to pace yourself along the way.


Highway Lodging

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