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eSelect plus US app review: card payment processing



eSelect plus US is the ideal app to download onto your iPhone and iPad if you run a small business and are looking for a quick, convenient, and most importantly, secure method of taking card payments from your customers.

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I really like the simplicity with which this app has been developed because it enables you to get straight down to business without having to work your way through unintuitive features or a convoluted interface.

eSelect plus US


Simple and Secure Payment Processing

Making a fantastic entry into the Finance category of the App Store is this payment gateway facility that makes it easy for you to process credit and debit card payments so you can run your small business with greater professionalism.

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Any card payments you process done through a secure SSL connection to give you and your customers peace of mind, and your customers can even sign with their physical signature.

Card payment system
Card payment system

Record Cash and Card Payments

After processing payments, eSelect plus US enables you to generate digital transaction receipts that you can then email to your customers. This means you have a complete end-to-end solution for processing and confirming payments.

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What’s more, you can record cash transactions as well as viewing a detailed log of all captured payments and transactions for your own financial records.

Main menu
Main menu

eSelect plus US


Pros & Cons


  • Easily process credit and debit card payments within a convenient interface
  • Card payments are processed over a secure SSL connection
  • Enables your customers to sign with their physical signature
  • Generate digital transaction receipts to email to your customers
  • Also allows you to create a log of cash transactions             
  • View a detailed log of all captured payments and transactions for your own financial records


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Transaction details
Transaction details

Final Words

eSelect plus US really does everything you could hope for in a payment processing app for iPhone and iPad, so it receives a very strong recommendation from me.


eSelect plus US

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