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StickyStudy app review: flashcards



Any of you who enjoy studying through the medium of flashcards are going to have an absolute field day with StickyStudy: Flash (Flashcards + Quizlet), an app which is proving to be one of the most elaborate and comprehensive study aids available on iPhone and iPad.

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I am well and truly astounded by what a great job the developer has done with this app. I’ve seen countless study aids and flashcard apps but this one really blows the competition out of the water without a shadow of a doubt.

StickyStudy: Flash (Study Flashcards + Quizlet)


Fantastic Flashcard Learning

This incredible app stands out from the crowd in the Education category of the App Store by combining flashcard learning with a slick interface and a vast amount of content.

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This app makes use of text, images, and even audio to facilitate the learning process, and there are literally millions of different decks that you can download based on the subjects you want to focus on.

Fantastic Flashcard Learning image

Optimized for iPhone 6

StickyStudy: Flash (Flashcards + Quizlet) also allows you to import your own flashcard decks, and any decks you have can be viewed in a single overview display for easy browsing and a generalized look at what lies ahead.

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What’s more this app is fully compatible with iPhone 6 and even allows you to back up your records via Dropbox, so the developer really has covered all angles. All we have to wait for now is an iOS 8 update!

Optimized for iPhone 6 image

StickyStudy: Flash (Study Flashcards + Quizlet)


Pros & Cons


  • Study for all manner of different subjects in a smart flashcard format
  • Use text, images, and even audio to prompt the facilitate process
  • Choose from millions of decks and download them 
  • Import your own flashcard decks from external sources
  • Use the integrated search facility to find the decks you need within seconds
  • Schedule your study sessions on a calendar for more efficient planning
  • See your flashcards in a single display for easy browsing and a generalized overview
  • Create a handy digital backup copy of your records via Dropbox
  • Fully updated and optimized to work smoothly on iPhone 6


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

StickyStudy: Flash (Flashcards + Quizlet) is a stunning learning tool for iPhone and iPad that I highly, highly recommend!

StickyStudy: Flash (Study Flashcards + Quizlet)

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